Can LV sell the items in their store displays?

  1. I know some stores have no problems with it and other stores do.
    Though I don't really understand the latter as what is the point of advertising in a display if you have absolutely none left to sell.

    I saw a Blue Groom Agenda and I heard the SA tell another girl in the store that there were none left (but I saw one in the window).

    What's the point?
  2. I bought a display. Sometimes, clients refuse to buy them though. In my case it was for my toddler and I doubt she would mind that it was a display bag.
  3. When I bought my Damier Speedy 25, I asked for the display bag and got it. It didn't have any creases, so I was very happy!
  4. ya....I've bought 2 cuz it was the last one left, and the other one was cuz it was just better made (they had 2 in stock, and the display piece had sooooooo much better symmetry). I don't mind display pieces, as long as there's good symmetry and there are no fingerprints or dirt.
  5. Yep, some stores don't like to sell the display copies, and if asked, their answer usually is: "Because it's a display copy", like it's self-explanatory. I never buy display copies anyway, but I've seen other customers ask, and that was always the same answer they were given.

    The only theory I can think of is that the stores that don't like to sell the display copies think of a display copy as being the equivalent of the "clothes that are worn by the mannequins at a clothing store" - eg, if you wanted to buy a clothing item, the store would sell you the ones on the racks, rather than the one worn by the mannequin in the window display. Perhaps that's the reason? :shrugs:
  6. Ok...Michelle...Please Dish...What LV did you buy for your toddler???
  7. lol. i second damierlover. i wanna know too!
  8. I don't know about LV- but I have bought my share of store display apparel- I've defrocked a few mannequins in my day :graucho:
  9. :lol:
  10. I think some stores do it too is for inventory purposes...not quite sure why...because the way I see it, someone is wanting to purchase it you should let them otherwise you're profit margin shrinks....I wanted a pair of shoes at one store and they didn't have my size but they did in the display and they said they are not allowed to touch it for due to oh well...their loss..
  11. My white wapity was a display, I am not picky, so it didn't matter to me, but they tried talking me out it.
  12. From what I heard from my SA, the store ususally think the customer doesn't want display items, so they sell they back to the employee (SA) when the items been on the shelf for a long time (it will be worn out by then) for a less than retail price. However, LV is LV and there's much demand for them. There's a long wait list for the shelf items. If a customer wants a display item, the SA is reluctant to sell because that means they will lose the chance of getting it.

    Once I have seen a girl wanted to get a display mono speedy because it has a beautiful patina (compared to a brand new from storage). The SA didn't say the girl cannot get it but she tries hard to persuade her getting the new one.
  13. Yeh, I've bought display (accessories) before but that's because they said that there was none left but I thought it wasn't was just their excuse of not bothering to look in the back :sad: .
    With bags I wouldn't buy display, I'd prefer it from the back with plastic on it :yes:
  14. I have purchased a display model.....
  15. i think some of you girls are confusing "display" with "window display".. the ones on display in the shelves, in the glass cases at the "bag bar" and other places within the store.. are just on display and can be sold to you if you want it. the ones in the WINDOW however, cannot be sold. that is where some of you are getting confused saying that you "got the display model".

    I do the visuals in my store, and people often ask if they can buy the floor/display models and I have to keep giving them the same answer, and they get more and more frustrated (much like some of you ladies) because I won't allow the associates/etc to sell it to the customer. Not even a manager's say could go over my say.. My say is the final word.

    So the answer to your question, "why do you have it on display if you don't have anymore?" is simply:

    If we sell you that one.. how are we going to SHOW that we carry/have it at all? How are other customers after you going to KNOW that we carry it? They won't because it's gone from the display because you have it. And I know that in your mindset, "if you're out of stock, why do you show it period?!?"

    Because.. WE HAVE TO SHOW THAT WE CARRY IT. We can always order it for you, or check other nearby stores for stock.

    For instance, Mercedes Benz (so called) super rare SLR super-car. Shown in select dealership lots on the showroom floor. You can't buy THAT EXACT ONE.. because they need to SHOW it. BUT you can order one if you want.

    i find it almost near impossible to explain it over and over, but that is the best I can do.. no one really seams to get the idea for some reason. I don't know how else to say the same thing over and over again.