Can LV accessories like keychains, etc be fake??

  1. Hello: Can LV accessories like keychains (brass items) be fake? :confused1: Have anyone here seen fake metal stuff?
  2. YES. The fakes look "dipped" in gold/brass and they will often flake very quickly and tarnish so badly they cannot be repaired. In other words: buy the real thing. Nuff said. : )
  3. I have never seen any fakes, but I would assume that these items are also faked.
  4. there's fakes of everything from Mountain Co-Op backpacks to Dove soap.
    So to answer your question: yes.
  5. Yeah, I was just thinking that too...never seen any cles faked but I'm sure they're out there......I've seen wallets and stuff, but not cles and keychains...
  6. Not worth faking?:nuts: :P
  7. When I visited the Phillippines, they had TONS of fakes... everything from keychains to purses...every brand too (LV, Gucci, Dior, even Juicy). It made me sick.
  8. fakes courtesy of eBay and iOffer

  9. too funny
  10. there are about 1,000 fake brass items on eBay...lots of cles's and other items. they've even managed to fake the panda cles name it...they fake it :sad:
  11. Of course, there's fake everything !!
  12. Thanks for the pics..those fake brass items do look pretty real (the color) I guess I will definitely NOT buy anything like these on eBay then. :smile: Thanks
  13. Yes loads of fakes!
  14. There are fakes of anything and everything. Depressing, really.

    When I was in Thailand last christmas, I saw a huge selection of fakes - from ugly plastic stuff to well made could-fool-anyone items. Just be careful and don't ever believe you will get a deal that's too good to be true on eBay...
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