Can Louis Vuitton bags be cleaned?

  1. I have a monogram speedy 35 which I got in November 2010. This afternoon there was an incident involving my beloved bag and my cat let's just say it involved cat pee. My bag came into contact with some of the pee but it has not discoloured or anything but I want to have it professionally cleaned as I want my bag to be in the best condition. My question is can I have my bag professionally cleaned and if so where would I take it? Does Louis Vuitton clean bags?
    Has anybody else had similar experiences and what did you do?
  2. Oh what part of the bag touched the urine?
  3. If only the canvas came into contact with the urine, I'm sure you could just clean it yourself with alcohol-based wipes. If it's the leather, I'm not sure what to suggest...
  4. It was the canvas it touched. Would alcohol based wipes be ok to use? I'm scared to use anything with chemicals or harsh ingredients incase they stain the canvas.
  5. Yes, alcohol wipes are fine on the canvas - I just wouldn't use them on the leather, obviously. Good luck!
  6. Thank you for the help :smile:
  7. Other threads recommend alcohol free baby wipes. I would caution against alcohol. Actually soap and water would do the trick on the plastic coated canvas. Best to do it right away to neutralize the acid in the urine on the plastic.

    I would only have issues if the urine soaked in to fabric or leather - staining or lingering smells.
  8. Anyone know about cleaning the inside of the bag?! I have a speedy de and I split coffee in it!!!!!!!!!!! Do not know how to get it clean! Any help would be really appreciated thank you
  9. Try little soap or baby wipes
  10. The worst will be the smell... I would first use a wet cloth and dab the bag many times, rinsing the cloth every time. Then dry with a towel and rub with baby wipes.

    After that I'd hang it outside for as long as it takes for the smell to go away.

    I wouldn't dare entrust any of my bags to a dry cleaner...