Can leopard print shoes be classy?


May 31, 2007
I splurged on a pair of CL leopard print patent leather slingbacks today. After all the drama with my CL simple pumps I needed a new pair to calm myself down. They were on sale at Barneys so I figured why not!? They're these ones:

The only thing is that I dress conservatively. Not grandma conservative but J.Crew/Banana Republic conservative. I think that a pair of leopard print shoes could add a little pizzaz to an otherwise plain outfit (my uniform is 7 jeans and button down blouses).

Do you think it will look odd if I wear leopard print shoes with jeans and regular shirts? I always buy black/boring shoes so I really went out on a limb here. I need some support or advice!

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Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
Can leopard print shoes be classy? --> ABSOLUTELY!!

Given the right leopard print they can look edgy & powerful, yet still very classy at the same time. It's all about the *right* leopard print (and the amount of leopard -- i.e. avoid head-to-toe leopard or any animal prints). That said (and sorry no offense to those own this shoe), I really don't think the Rolande in leopard patent is that great of a CL design -- CL does a lot of super super great (sexy AND classy) leopard patterns, but that one just isn't one of them IMO (which I guess explains why that shoe went on sale everywhere). My advice is if you want a great CL leopard shoe, try the Rolando in leopard pony hair, Pigalle in leopard pony hair or leopard patent (now that leopard patent pattern truly is sexy & classy at the same time), Dickensera in leopard pony hair, or one of the leopard wedges.


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
I love those shoes! I think you can wear them with jeans or dressier clothing to make your outfit more interesting. My mom is of the thought that leopard in any shape or form is trashy, but she's in her 60s. I think it looks great as long as you aren't wearing leopard head to toe.
The leopard rolande is available at Seattle Barneys too and I tried them on everytime but they are just not working for me... I prefer the larger leopard print on the dark color background better.
Well I do like the rolande style better than the rolando.. wondering if other rolande go on sale too..


May 31, 2007
Funny you should mention the rolando... it is my dream shoe! I love it! I am going to New York next week and will be visiting the boutiques there. I have already decided I am going to buy another pair there... lets hope I don't come home with 3!

I only grabbed these ones because they were on sale and they'd inject some much needed pizazz into my wardrobe. $400 for a pair of CLs is a steal. Plus I don't have a single leopard print item. I won't receive them until after Thanksgiving so I'll have a lot of time to think about whether or not I want to keep them.


100% Puerto Greekan
Dec 6, 2006
I love those! Would have gotten a pair, but I try to stick to 110mm heels or lower...otherwise I may break my butt since I'm still not the best at walking in heels.