Can knits be altered?

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  1. I bought a James Perse cotton cashmere top, and I love the material but it is just TOO loooong. It's a tunic, and I am short and not that into tunics to begin with. Can I get this shortened somehow? I'm worried it would just unravel.
  2. My friend had a sweater altered and it turned out amazing. However hers was a thicker wool. Try taking it to a dress making and ask if they can alter it for you. :smile:
  3. They can be altered, you just need a really, really good tailor!
  4. In my experience the sleeves are easier to alter the sleeves than the length. Depending on the material it may not lay right when altered. The factory has a machine that stretches the bottoms a certain way and a tailor does not have that equipment. Usually the smaller the area on a knit the easier it is to alter.
  5. There is a special type of sewing machine called a serger that is intended to finish an edge to prevent unraveling. If done properly, it should work. A good seamstress should have one (they aren't hard to find; you can buy them at places like Joanne's).
  6. Thanks for all the info! Currently there's no stitching on the hem (it's just knit), and I'm not sure how it would look with a stitched finish. I'll take it to a tailor for an opinion, but I may just have to send it back.
  7. i've had a tee shirt shortened before and it didn't turn out great. it was kind of wavy. so, i'd be really careful on choosing a good, good tailor. let us know how it turns out. i have come across so many great sweaters/tops that are too long on me and wish i knew a good seamstress.