Can keepall45 go out for 4D3N

  1. hi, Im looking for the travller bag , cause Im going for a vacation for 4Days 3nights ,and I love the Keepall45 Cherry...:love: :love: it possible to fit every things for those days?
    but also like the Alizé 24 Heures too, but to me keepall is so classic ..loves it!
    :nuts: thanks!
  2. I doubt very much that you would be able to fit everything, unless you take the very minimum. The 45 is very small!
  3. umm.. thanks RobbieNEmmy so shell I go for 50 in Monograme Canves or anythings els?
  4. I think its more like weekend bag..
  5. Get Alize 24 Heures! That's one of my all time favorites! Strap or without, your call.

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    P.S. If you don't like sagginess, get this one, else any Keepalls will do.
  6. I really think a 45 will be too small for that many days, unless you're going somewhere tropical and taking skinny tank tops and bikini bottoms! :P

    But if you have a big carry on like a Mezzo, it might be enough...
  7. The Keepall 45 is 18 inches -- that's like gym bag size