Can it work?


Can a man carry a Balenciaga City or Giant City

  1. Yes, Just the City

  2. Yes, Just the Giant City

  3. Yes, Both

  4. No

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  1. Would it work for a man to carry a City messenger style or at all?:confused1: I am 6 ft and 120 pounds if that helps. I love the city but am unsure since I do not live near anywhere where they are sold. What do you think? Also what is the differences between city and the giant city? Thank you so much for your responces.
  2. I think the city straps on the Giant and RH.. might be a little too short to be carried as a messenger bag. I'm 5'2" and it sits right above my hip. As far as differences between the RH & GH city.. I noticed that the handle length is a little more giving in the Giant City. Thus, it's easier to carry it over the shoulder comfortably than the RH. There's also a significant weight difference of at least 2-3 addl lbs. of the GH. Have you considered the brief or a Giant PT..or even an escapade? The PT strap is 3 inches longer than a city. Hope that helps... I just wanted to double check.. 6ft & 120lbs... is correct right? ;)
  3. correct i am 6ft and 120lbs.... thank you for all of your suggestions oogiewoogie
  4. Yes, I think you could do it with a City RH...But only if you wore it messenger style...That would look really edgy! I wouldn't overload it though. I always worry about the strength of the leather loops on the side that hold the shoulder strap...
  5. Thank you so much KDC! This is just the responce I was looking for:tup:
  6. I thought it might help if I included my personal style. My staple item is my skinny jeans I wear them ALL the time! I wear alot of really edgy clothes and my hair is in somewhat of a pixie style at the moment. For shoes its usually marc jacobs canvas slip ons in grafiti, black and white striped canvas slip ons from Barneys, or black white and silver moon boots from Barneys aswell (with skinny jeans tucked in). I like big sweaters and I wear alot of grey black and brown. I love cardigans and huge knited scarfs. I love Andy Warhol and Picaso as my favorit artists (not including designers). I LOVE High fashion and follow it intently. One of my fashion icons is Mary Kate Olsen. I have my own personal style and don't usually follow trends. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  7. i'd love for men to be able to pull off the city - it's the staple bbag, but i dont think we can. the work is a good size though, and it's not as overwhelmingly big as the weekender.
  8. Thank you for your opinion. I was just wondering your reasoning for why you think men can't pull it off?
  9. Work it!

    Work both of it!

    Especially cause of your size, and your style. I saw a man carrying it once and it didn't look right on him since he was tall and chubby.

    But for you? I think you can pull it off. :okay:

    Along with KDC, ITA that messenger style would be best. Being that you're slim - it'd work.

    I voted for both cause when I read your "style," I could totally see GSH, GH or RH (so punk rock! Would look too cute with your hair too.) If you wanna portray sophistication, maybe opt for the RH. If you prefer funky/fun, I'd go with the Giant HW instead.
  10. Thank you so much REREsaurus! You are just the enabler I need!:tup:
  11. NP. The best way is to go to Neiman's and try on all the bags they've got! Really, take all your crap out of your current and soon-to-be-replaced bag and put it in the City, Work, or whatever to see how it's gonna hang on you once you've got it messenger style.

    Step 2: Strut, strut, strut your stuff around all those glorious mirrors to see which bag your bootie looks the best in.

    Step 3: Go straight home and post pics! :woohoo: I'm so sure many guys have been itching for some modeling pics of other men wearing a City, Work, whatever!
  12. Oh dear, just read that you aren't near any place that sells bbags. :oh:

    You could always try Aloha Rag? They've got a generous return policy and are always SO SWEET.

    oogie has a great idea about the Part Time too. In fact, that may work better than a City since the strap is longer. I'm only 5'3'' and the PT strap has always been too long for my liking.

    Try it. ;)
  13. OK, I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest a Part Time instead. I know you want a City and given your build it could just work...but I still think a man's broad chest (however tall and slim you are) might make it a tight fit if worn messenger style and I don't like how that looks. Also, because you are so tall and slim I think the size of the City may be disproportionate on other words, the bag might look miniaturized against your build.

    What I like about a Part Time for a man is this:
    - it generally looks very similar to the City except it is wider and shorter and this shape's width would break up the tall thin line of your build and balance everything out more - does that make any sense, hard to explain
    - the longer shoulder strap would certainly make it possible to wear across body AND it would look great
    - RH or GH that's your choice. I say RH because it's more classic but still very edgy - I'd like to see man carrying RH and not GH, it's too distracting (and heavy!)

    Hope that was clear, good luck!
  14. It really depends on how you carry it. The only way I'd imagine it working is messenger style, any other way it will look to fem and stand out waaay to much.

    I just think it's too small. Unfortunately, more people would probably pay attention to the fact that you're a man carrying a womens purse than that you're carrying a gorgeous bbag. That doesn't happen as much if you stick to the larger sizes, which I think a lot of people in metro areas are accustomed to by now.

    I don't know your personality, which also has a lot to do with it. I know men who would look much better carrying a work than a messenger, just because of their strong personalities and how they carry themselves :tup:

    ultimately YOU know if you can work it or not, if you have doubts perhaps there's a reason :shrugs:

    EDIT: I agree with above posters, go for the part time
    PS: I re-read my post and realized i might come off as offensive, im really not trying to be tho, just trying to help :tup:
  15. Thank you so much I think I am going to NYC and LA in a month or 2 so I will def try them on while I'm there. Is the Part-Time as easy to find or will I have to search the edges of the earth for it? (which I'm up for but just want to know what im getting myself into). You are so helpful! As soon as I find my BBag I will come and post tons of pics!!!