Can it work wonders??

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  1. Many of you have vouched for Mr Clean's Magic Eraser. Do you think it can "wipe" off some of this dark gunk?
    Not planning to buy the bag, just wondering what kind of magic it will work! These are dirt spots right?
  2. i might be able to get some off the stuff off the handles.
  3. Hmmm I don't know, those are pretty dark. How dark is the vachetta at the bottom? You might want to have the handles replaced. V
  4. I recently used it to clean the vachetta handles of my Speedy and it worked. If the handles are that dark, I don't know.
  5. But it would not hurt to try.
  6. I would use Magic Eraser only as a last resort as it really does dry out the leather and removes any protective properties that it may have. Dirt will just stick to the surface after you've used that. On handles that are very, very dark and the canvas is in good condition, I would consider having them replaced by LV. You may want to try a product called Leather CPR. It's not as abrasive and does take a lot of dirt off.
  7. ME removes dirt but it does not make vachetta lighter. So, if dirt is causing the leather to be this dark, then it will help to lighten it up. However, like *freetoes* said it is really drying on the leather. Better just to replace the handles if they bother you.
  8. ^ Very true