Can it POssibly be true? (PO Cabat Reveal)


Living a new Life
Mar 13, 2008
This is probably a first for me... a reveal without a long winding story around it.... without driving my car at 120mph through the rain while taking pictures of my bag at the same time and avoiding the traffic all while writing on my iphone onto tPF about my latest endeavour....

Nope.. this will be a plain ole boring one:P

I apologise in advance for the quality, I think some of the pictures are really nice and others aren't that great. That is because I tried to get as many of them made at 5pm in the afternoon, while it is raining, and without flash inside a darkish hotel room....

Words cannot describe this bag... whatever has been said is enough I think and pictures speak a thousand words.

BichonLover had a load of wonderful pictures posted (as have others!) and I hope to just add a few more nice ones of this piece of art:



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Living a new Life
Mar 13, 2008
Oh. the last post should have been the second one, something went wrong there, I did not wait 10 seconds inbetween, ah well.

The size is the medium. I played with the large a bit but it really is huge, and I figured I might as well get some other nice goodies from BV instead :smile:

Mari was absolutely adorable and continued to show me so many other bags, even though I told her I just wanted the Cabat... she seemed to enjoy herself as much as me.

In the end I asked them to call me a cab as it rained and it took a long time, Mari just asked if I wanted to spend the night and caress all the bags instead hahahaha

She was wonderful. Thank you BL for pointing me in the right direction.

Bichon Lover

Jul 1, 2008
California SF Bayarea
Nic Those are insanely beautiful pics! :faint: The details are incredible. Part of my problem is I had DH set the camera for the right size so I can download and post without resizing since I'm too stupid to learn that and I think that compromises the quality of my pics. Love the pebble effect on the pieces that attach the handles. Just gorgeous. Congrats and so glad I could enable a fellow tPFer. ;) I feel soooo satisfied, how about you?? :lol: My job is complete.

A cab was the smart move....I'm sure you were drained after all that excitement! I know I always am. :P


Jan 3, 2008
WOOHOO!!!!! Nic, you are sista #12!:yahoo: Your pictures are so much better!

BL I think you have enabled more than one fellow tPFer, my dear:flowers: