Can it happen?

  1. Say you've used a Croc Birkin for 10-15 years and the darling has aged ever so gracefully. It's the only bag you use. And anyone who knows a Birkin can tell that the bag has truly been loved and used. But it is really old and you think it is time for a replacement, to enjoy a spanking new Croc. You carry the bag with you, walk into the mothership or any H store, where you have no prior relationship, show them the bag and tell them how you really need another, a Croc as well (which is almost impossible to come by where I am), sort of as a replacement to carry you through for the next 10-15 years.

    Do you think they would appreciate your true "love" and appreciation for the bag and graciously oblige?
  2. ^^ no prior relationship? I think it's a big fat zero any part of the world. Only because it's croc. I was told croc is not even offered to all VIPs.
  3. I think it's definitely possible as the lovingly used bag would show that you are a long-time fan of Hermes; however, the turnaround time could take awhile, but I think it could happen...probably moreso at the FSH store. If you go to Paris, I'd go in on multiple days, you never know if you could hit the jackpot or if they are expecting a shipment of Croc bags down the road, in which case, if your SA obliges, you may be able to reserve one.
  4. I think if you wanted a Kelly you might score something. A birkin? Very very tough.
  5. ^^Good point WN. I would say the event at FSH would be more applicable for Kellys.
  6. I've walked into my store (the-store-that-has-nothing) many times with my vintage Croc Kelly and while it always gets attention and we always have conversations about it, it's still has made no difference what-so-ever in how many bags I NEVER get to see! LOL!!!!!

    Maybe if I walk in wearing nothing BUT my Croc Kelly...............
  7. ^^ :lol::lol:
  8. Then they'll show you less than nothing..........................:p
  9. I think that it depends on the management of the store on the day you walk in. I am not a super VIP and I've been offered both a croc and an SO of a croc order. I didn't even have an Hermes bag when the initial croc was offered. Not to say Hermes staff is fickle, but really luck plays a huge part.
  10. yes, it happens. but you have to spend a lot of time in the store and if you purchase something else large they may be nicer. there is sometimes a croc birkin on display in several stores. i think chance can be a factor, but if you're set on your grail bag, you probably have to invest in the process of building up your relationship with the store if you can't plunk down 30 grand other than the one bag you want.
  11. Honestly, it all depends how things allign on your visit. I walked in one boutique and was offered croc without even asking for it. I can visit my boutique on a regular basis and I am shown hardly anything. It depends on the staff and how the aura is on your visit. (get what I mean?)

  12. :roflmfao:
    I have been to that store, and I think they just dont like to handle the merchandise, S'mom! I dont think your plan will work...
  13. Luck, pure and simple.
    That's honestly what it comes down to most days.
  14. Dear Ms. Tricia:

    I am NOT sure how much you are willing to spend, but I did see a birkin 30 w/DIAMOND which is over 100k in Rough H still there last week in display....

    My SA asked me if I am interested but my response was DH would 'KILL me' if I did that..... :bagslap:

  15. It's not about the money (does it always have to be about money? :sad:).
    It's about true appreciation of the bag and H appreciating her "fans", and knowing that if one wears out, there's another to replace it even though it's really difficult.
    It's..... really about the 'relationship'. About how H can make you feel really special. Like the way her bags have? KWIM?