Can it be done????

  1. On the tails of seeing Birkincurious's gorgeous Rouge H Box Birkin with brushed Palladium hardware, I was wondering if the hardware on our bags CAN be brushed afterward? I was thinking how gorgeous brushed Gold hardware would be on certain bags.........can it be done?????
  2. don't think so, dear. only possibly replaced w/ brushed hardware.
  3. I would think you'd have to be really skillful with the sandpaper or whatever.

    I'm waiting for my bags to look "brushed" only through the immense effort of accompanying me through life. :smile:

    That probably wasn't what you had in mind, though, Shopmom! The impression I get about virtually all Hermes stuff is that you need to be pretty darn satisfied with it from the get-go - their outward simplicity belies an interior complexity that would make changes darn hard. But it wouldn't hurt to ask!
  4. i don't know D...but I know my brother has mates that "brush" their iPods and mobile phones (that's cell phones, to you!) to get that effect, and it looks fab!

    I woudn't do it to a 6K+ bag, however......LOL!
  5. I have brushed gold on my Vache Birkin, and, if I could have chosen, I would have prefered shiny gold...Whereas I love brushed palladium (I didn't used to) I find brushed gold a bit dull...but that's JMHO...Having said this, I don't think they will change the hardware, although I had thought about changing mine, and since it's always gold, we don't need to change the feet, which is the major problem, I think...I'd like some further info on this, if possible....
  6. That's just so rare, Duna!
    I always thought they only did brushed palladium h/w on the bags...I'd love to see a picture of it, do you have one at hand?

    I don't believe they will be able to re-brush one's shiny hardware, because to H this means altering the ensemble of a finished product and they don't like doing least they did not do want to do it, when I requested to have the yellow gold on a belt buckle replaced by white gold.

    It might be worth a try to ask for an entirely new set of hardware for the bag, in order to have your shiny h/w replaced by the brushed ;)
  7. ...or you might as well ask a proffessional jeweler to brush your gold h/w :yes:

    That's by the way, how I solved the belt buckle issue ;)
  8. Tenshi...what didn't you like about your belt buckle?
  9. Tenshi, I have a pic of the bag, but you can't see the H/W properly; I'll try and take a close up pic and post it in this thread....Between today and tomorrow.....
  10. A friend wanted to have HER h/w changed and Hermes said would be too complicated, because they would have to change out the feet too...and the whole process would involve taking the bag apart:sad:
  11. OK.......I'll leave things as they are............maybe I'll find a little something with brushed hardware one of these days.

    I don't know why I like the brushed so much. Even with jewelery I'll have the jeweler brush some of my things.....inherited a gold bangle from my mother which i liked but didn't love and hardly wore but once I had it brushed it changed the look so much that I fell completely in love with it and now I rarely leave home without it!!!!
  12. I don't think a jeweler could help with brushing the hardware. The brush is a big round disk on a huge machine. I can't see how they could precisely brush only the hardware and not touch the leather. When I would do this on rings, I would push it on a mandrel (looks like a long taped rod) to improve the already brushed metal. Same process when machine polishing gold.

    That being said, I LOVE the brushed hardware look! Very surreal to me!

    I'm very intested to hear how the boys brush their iPods! Steel wool??
  13. We do have a few machines that can brush the metals and it comes out very subtle and doesn't take much labor..all we do is we throw them in a machine with some little spikey things with solution (sorry I'm not good with names) and let it spin for a good 20-40 minutes depends on the weight, and it comes out very pretty and the brushed hardware effect, we do this with some jewelries that have deeper blemish or scratch. There's also the one like Lisa said above to polish the metals shiny or can use a small machine that do the brushing manually on more delicate single items (usually done on small repairs).. but I prob. wouldn't do it with the bag's hardware unless H has no problems taking them for refurbishing...or maybe I can try my belt buckle :graucho:, if I do I will post the after results !
  14. Kellybag :flowers:

    when I received that belt, the buckle was covered in 18k yellow gold, which I thought was great and classic at first... Turns out: It did not suit me that very well, since it's the big Constance buckle, which all of a sudden looked HUGE and especially eye-catching in the yellow gold...

    The picture I have of it, shows the Constance belt in comparison to the simple H Belt:


    ...after H did not want to alter their product I turned it in to my jeweler, who took off the yellow & it came back covered in perfect white gold:

    [​IMG] it so much more now and it has become one of my favourites.
    I know H does not do white gold on belt buckles regularly, so now it's a one of a kind H-belt ;)