Can infused olive oil go bad?

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  1. I have some olive oil with a couple vanilla beans in it, it's maybe 8-12 months old, has been stored in a cupboard. Now there is this fluffy cloudiness, mostly around the beans but a little floating around also. Doesn't smell off or weird. Is this mold? Suppose I should toss it but thought I would check first, hate to waste it.
  2. Was is homemade? It definitely can be bad, infused oils can have a fairly short shelf life.
  3. Dorcast is right. I always store fancy oils in the frig since I don't use them up quickly.
  4. I'd toss it... you could get sick from using it...
  5. It can contain botulism. Don't eat it!
  6. If olive is not stored properly & not kept away from sunlight & fluctuating temps, it can go bad
  7. I should have taken my own advice about oils going bad and the necessity for keeping oils in the frig.

    In January, I was going thru my supplement bottles and found some Salmon Oil capsules I had forgotten were in the cupboard. It had been 7+ months since I last took one.

    So I popped two capsules. Holy Moly - was I sick!!!

    The salmon oil had gone bad. The first two days I was nauseous and quite weak. The taste of bad fish was in my mouth. Taste got better but I still felt knocked-out weak for several more days. It took a week to get my strength and usual iron tummy back.

    Lesson learned: don't mess with oils!
    Refrigerate and use soon!