Can I?

  1. I got a call from a friend asking me to sell her daughter's bed on eBay. She asked me to list the item for her. But my account is suspended. Will her account be suspended too if I will open and list the item under her eBay ID on my computer? She gave me her ID and password to list the item but Im afraid that her ID will be suspended too. Is that ok? to open her account on my laptop. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. I WANTED TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL FIRST BEFORE I LIST HER ITEM. thanks!
  2. There should not be a problem. ISP numbers change constantly, as long as you have different billing addresses, email addresses and card numbers ebay won't track your ID, not without a flag like the above.
  3. isnt IPS dont change if you do not do it on your computer?
  4. ebay does constant IP tracking and any account linked to the suspended act. is at risk.
  5. I'd say that if you were really selling a bed rather than the things you normally sell under your suspended account you'd probably be fine. It would only be if you started trying to sell the other stuff as your friend you'd get into trouble.
  6. let her sell it..

    your friend that is
  7. If she has her own account ID etc, I don't understand why she isn't listing it herself??
  8. basically, because she does not have any time to list an item. busy bee! she dont know how as she never sell anything before.

  9. put it on craigslist
  10. if it's something so big (like a bed) I would sell it on cragslist before ebay.
  11. Depending on who your internet provider is, your IP address may be static (i.e. specific to your computer), or it may vary each time you log in. Even if it varies, it will likely stay within an identifiable range. Both eBay and Paypal have checks to compare IP addresses across accounts, and to analyze IP changes within an account.

    That said - the posters who suggested Craigslist are smart.
  12. You won't get suspended for using your friend's account. Even if the IP address is the same (and most IP should be static). As long as you don't use the same credit card to register with ebay to pay the seller's fees, then ebay won't link the two account. Yes, they can link it, but they won't because they can't/won't stop people in the same households from having accounts. If two accounts have the same IP address, then the members might live together. They have no way of knowing otherwise. As long as you don't use the same accounts to shill bid, they won't suspend your friend's account.