Can I Wipe my baby B-Bag Down....

  1. ... with soap and water?

    I grabbed a handful of Bounty, some cool water and a dot of Dawn w/ Bleach Alt. and wiped a few corners. Surface dirt came off (but I stopped before I got overzealous...) but will it hurt the bag?

    This is an 05 Sky Blue City (pre-loved) that I just got (Thanks "L"!) and it needs a bit of lovin' from a new B-Bag fanantic like myself. I don't really want to send it to LMB YET... (I need a Black City before I send it off) but I do want to do some minor cleaning. Help?

    (I'm fairly sure the mods are going to move this to the cleaning thread and that's ok! :biggrin: I wasn't sure where to post it first.)

  2. I confess I have done that but not for an entire bag, only for a small spot AND only after it already had 3 good coats of Apple Guard so I knew it was truly surface dirt. Have you tried cleaning it with Apple cleaner?
  3. Nope. Not yet. I guess i better get to ordering, huh? :smile: