Can I Whine A Little Here?

  1. I was refreshing my eBay newly listed search and noticed an inferno zucca ... lovey placement with a BIN of $249.99 ... not cheap but with that bag I was expecting that level of price. Well I'm doing my due dilligence and skimming over the seller's feedback comments and two minutes later I go back to the item description page and someone already bought the bag!! :wtf:

    I'm trying to comfort myself by telling me that it just wasn't meant to me ... me and that bag ... but boy does it hurt ... :yes:
  2. :push:I'm so sorry. I hate it when that happens. It's so hard to see the pictures of that zucca that it would've taken me like 2 hours to decide on it. I totally believe in fate and I believe that the bag wasn't meant to be yours. So try not to worry about it and certainly don't feel bad. You will probably be able to find a better & cheaper one on LJ :yes:
  3. Ah, that bites!! I feel your pain, Mama. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago, with an inferno print too!! It sucked!! I was like :wtf:?? Excuse us for taking an extra 30 secs.

    Oh, well, like TokiliciousJenY said, you'll have a better one come along. I did!! Good things come to those who lose eBay auctions.:lol:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:I :heart: this!! Good one!! :yahoo:
  5. haha that happened to me a couple of days ago... I almost broke my ban for a sweet BIN deal on eBay, and BOOM! totally gone in two seconds :p I told myself that it was good that I didn't end up having to break my ban :nogood:
  6. I saw that listing the moment it came up. I thought about buying it but I wasnt too crazy about the placement... Plus I think those were the worst taken pictures of an Inferno Zucca ever. Cheer up though... Lesportsac might re-release the Inferno print and you would save almost $80.:tup:
  7. NO WORRIES! sometimes, i feel relieved when i lose an auction because i just take it as a sign that a better one will come along for a better price :biggrin:
  8. Wow, that was fast. Not surprising for how popular that bag is right now, though. Don't worry, I've seen more than a couple of inferno zuccas pop up lately, you'll find one!

    Also, agreed with Danelys. Those are godawful photos. I had to save them and flip them in photoshop just to see the print :hrmm:
  9. i believe its a forum member that won that inferno zucca?? I know that thats an LJer :biggrin:

    though no offense...i wouldnt pay for that price since its used and had marks but thats just MO.
  10. um, yeah. i tend to agree. and this just backs up the idea that it wasn't meant to be. your dream bag will make its way to you in time!
  11. i think that for me it would only be worth that price if it were BNWT & great placement...
  12. don't feel bad. that's a lot of money for a used inferno zucca. you'll get one!
  13. thanks everyone! :smile:

    I know I'll get my inferno zucca sooner or later ...
  14. See, everything does work out... I just got a better deal today on what i wanted before!! :yes: haha so there is much hope for you~
  15. How true! That's too much for an used Inferno Zucca :cursing: