Can I wear this in the summer?

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  1. I got my first Prada bag at the F&F sale. I was looking for a big brown/neutral bag but saw this and fell in love - I love patent leather, love anything in any shade of purple (this is an eggplant degrade), and really needed a shoulder bag (this one has a chain strap). Plus I loved that it has the weathered brass-like hardwear, but is it too dark to wear now? Not sure if you can see much in this pic but I would appreciate anyone's opinion.

    This is the info from the card:

    BR4161 - pattina so vernice sfumata antracite sfumata

  2. Any pictures?
  3. Yeah need a pic..I don't memorize the style #'s lol!!!
  4. oops - I thought I did ... I'm new at this - let's see if this works:


  5. still no pics.

    But here's my rule of thumb:

    If I like it, I'm WEARING IT REGARDLESS OF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't buy into those seasonal bag rules.
  6. Cool - now I feel better - I just began getting into purses and I never really gave it much thought. I always wear whatever I'm in the mood for so I'll apply the same rules with the bags :smile:

    PS - I gave up on the pics and just made it my avatar - this is way too technologically advanced for me, lol!
  7. aahhhh, I see the pics now!!

    Oh yes, I'd wear this anytime. I know some wear lighter bags during the warmer months but I wear whatever I want anytime I
  8. I'd wear it all year long! It's really pretty--congratulations!
  9. Me too - would wear it any time. And it is a lovely bag!!!!
  10. Thanks guys! I feel better :smile:
  11. it's gorgeous!
  12. agree with all the above! i really love the collor too!!!
  13. Like alouette,

    I carry my bags regardless of season. :P
    I'm carrying my bright red gaufre shopper now and man, you can spot that bag miles away especially in the glaring LA sunlight.

    I love your purchase, It is lovely and you can carry it all year round!
  14. Well I live in a country that's summer most of the yes, I'd wear it! and I usually wear my bags regardless of the season...the only thing that stops me is rain!
  15. Absolutely! Especially because it's not a large bag. You will be ahead of the fashion pack!