Can I Wear this in Fall/Winter of '07-'08?

  1. Hello Coach lovers! I have a quick question, and who better to ask than you guys!!!!!

    Is this Coach bag going to be okay for use during the fall/winter months? Or is it a fashion no-no. I know last year it was okay to wear a white handbag in the winter....what is your opinion?

    Here is a pic of the bag.....

    Thanks everyone!:heart:
    Picture 188.jpg
  2. It really depends on what you wear. For me, being in Maryland, it's really not a good bag to use in the winter. However, if you live in a warmer climate in the winter, it could work for you.
  3. personally, i wouldnt. but i live in the great white north! this just woudlnt go w my wool coat and tweed pantsuits. lol. but if u live somewhere warmer, y not?
  4. Pretty bag, but no. Not even here in the South. Too summery.

    But think how great it will be to pull it out again next Spring...It will be like seeing an old friend again!
  5. If you live i FL, CA, AZ or somewhere else with a warm winter ok. I would not where it up north.
  6. It looks very summery to me, but if you love it you should feel able to wear it whenever you want.
  7. I wouldnt wear it during the winter.. even here in texas, but I would pull it out after dec/jan when it starts to get spring like here!

  8. It's so gorgeous and it pains me to think of it snoozing in a dustbag for a few months, but it is, indeed, too "summer" for the cold part of the year.

    Of course you realize... this is an AWESOME excuse to go COACH SHOPPING!!

  9. Depends on where you live. For the Great Northwest it would not work in F/W.
  10. I am in the desert and I don't think I would wear it in the winter.. I would wear white, just think that bag is really summery... that being said I think it's darling and also, if you are fine with it, wear it! :tup:
  11. If you live in an area w/ very warm winter months then it's cool to carry that bag.
  12. No, IMO it's definitely a Spring/Summer bag. I almost bought this at the oulets too, but I already had several Spring/Summer bags, so I talked myself out of it.

    I did buy my daughter the swingpack and wristlet in this pattern. I think I will have her even put hers away until Spring 08.
  13. The pastel colors are so pretty but I think they'll go better with spring clothes.
  14. I think a white leather bag can go into winter, even in very cold/snowy climates, but other pastels and fabric combinations are just too summery for my tastes.

    It is a gorgeous bag, but I'd store it for winter.
  15. I live in AZ. That bag is very spring/summer to me also. In AZ, I would wear it between March and October. Its in the 80's here in March and still in the 90's through October and then REALLY hot in between....but in December/January/February its more like Fall weather and I would put it away. So, like everyone has said...I agree, it depends on your climate in regards to what you can get away with. Very cute by the way!:tup: