Can I wear this bag w/ this outfit?

  1. OK...anal Emmy here...I have this wedding I have to go to in a few weeks..I want to debut my new Chanel DS..The weather has been sooooo crappy here I haven't used it yet..SO I want to wear this outfit...but does the silver hardware clash w/ the gold tones of the blouse? You can't get the full affect of my outfit b/c I s*ck at taking pics..the pants are really slinky and have a high rusched waist...They're really dressy but to me they don't look it in the pics....Should I change tops and wear silver accessories (oh God--) TO MATCH MY BAG?? Yup I need a life...:nuts:
    mj mp 017.jpg mj mp 018.jpg mj mp 013.jpg
  2. it's so dark, it's hard to tell! Seems like it goes fine though to me!:yes
  3. perhaps when you're going to a dinner date with your hubby!
  4. :yes:
  5. I think you look pretty hot there. It's difficult to see the difference between the silver in the bag and the gold jewelry. I would play more with the outfit so that you can wear the bag, it's really gorgeous, I love that style :yes:
  6. i think u look great!!!!
    moreover with that smile;)
  7. I don't think it needs to be perfectly matching!
  8. I don't think it matters if your blouse has gold tones and your bag has silver hardware. I hate being all matchy-matchy anyway. I like your outfit!

    How dressy/formal is this wedding?
  9. I think your shirt is ok :smile:

    I think, however, that maybe you want to change your necklaces and accessories
  10. I think it's ok.
  11. you look great!
  12. yes..I think its looks good on u!
  13. i mix and match silver and gold all the time on my bags so i think its ok, i think the bag looks stunning with your outfit.
  14. I don't like to match gold with silver.
    So yes i would change the blouse, or the bag...
  15. It's dressy...You know maybe I'll keep trying...I have reservations about the outfit so I'll think about it...I think I'll change the top and go with silver accessories...Thanx everybody for your help!:p