Can I wear these together?

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Can I wear together?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Wear what you like who cares!

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  1. Hi all!

    I recently got this Gucci bag for my bday next week! It hasn’t arrived yet but here is a photo of it... I just discovered vapormax Nike sneakers and I’m quite obsessed! Do you think I wear these together?

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  2. I think you should wear what you like. I am obsessed with Vapormax sneakers and Gucci as well. I wear all of my bags (Chanel, Gucci) with my workout gear and sneakers.
  3. Hey thanks for your input! Do you think the vapormax I chose is good with the bag? Or should I get the all pink ones that just came out? They are all pink with a clear bottom
  4. perfect union! perfect for each other!
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  5. Yes!
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  6. I would have no issue wearing those sneakers while using that bag.
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  7. Thank you :smile:
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  8. Thanks!!!!!!
  9. It’s a fun combo! Enjoy them.
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  10. Why not
    Be yourself
    Your style
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  11. Super cute combo!
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  12. Hi ladies!
    I've only ever posted a couple of things on this forum, but I just had to say Guccigal16, I like how you think.
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  13. Thanks!!!!!
    haha thanks!!!!!!
  14. Got them both... they are amazing!!!!!!
  15. That’s great! Good for you. Mod shots? :smile: