Can I wear these to work?

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  1. I pick up a pair of Marc by MJ black patent slingbacks on Friday and now I'm wondering if I can get away with them at work. The dress code at my office is business casual, although I tend to dress more towards the business end of the spectrum.

    One pic is the new shoes I just got. The other pic is the Marc by MJ low heels that I've been wearing to work, just for reference.

    What are your thoughts? Would you wear the patent ones to work?:confused1:

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  2. Very nice! Sure, they are entirely appropriate for the office IMO! I loooove patent leather...
  3. Cute! I don't see why not.
  4. i would, i've been wearing patent shoes to work all fall
  5. Yeah, definitely! Infact, i smell lots of compliments in your future, hehe :smile:
  6. they'd be just as fantastic with a suit or pants and a dress suit as with jeans. Really - go for it!
  7. Absolutely!
  8. Yes! Go for it!! :yes:
  9. You bet! those are super cute!
  10. Adorable. Wear them proudly!
  11. i don't see a problem with wearing them, they're soo cute.
  12. Gorgeous! I would wear them to work :yes:
  13. if you want to get crazy, go with a pencil skirt with a nice white blouse. a cute bracelet would go well as well.

    if you're more into pants I would go with a pair of chic black skinny pants. I like the ones in the ad with Audrey Hepburn dancing..can't think of the brand right now.

    The pants with the shoes and again, a great shirt that is the perfect mix of comfy/classy....You can never go wrong with a blouse!

    Hope any of this helps..good luck!
  14. they are the cutest slingbacks!!!!
    wear them all the time!!!!!
  15. Thank you all for the encouragement and kind words :flowers: They were kind of an impluse buy because they were such a good price, so I want to wear them as much as possible to justify the purchase:rolleyes:

    You guys have convinced me - I'm going to wear them to work later this week! :yes: