Can I wear black to a rehearsal dinner?

  1. If you are of the old school where black is absolutely inappropriate for a wedding, is it also inappropriate to wear black to the rehearsal dinner? The dress I'm considering is a cute and youthful style, but it's definitely black.
  2. I think its ok.
  3. I would.
  4. I would wear it.
  5. I had to go to a wedding a few weeks ago and I was always brought up not to wear black to a wedding as I went out and searched and searched for a different color dress that I could wear. I never found anything I *really* liked so I wound up wearing something that was just okay. Come to find out, I think half of the women there were in black! lol So, I guess things have really modernized and after that, I wouldnt hesitate to wear black to a wedding now.
  6. Yes black is fine for rehearsal dinner, and looks great at semi-formal to formal weddings as well.
  7. I'm sure it's perfectly fine! :smile: I do think it varies culturally though. For example, at an Indian wedding, no one really wears black or white (the latter being a funereal color, so that's a no go). The reception is different because it's generally a fancy nighttime affair, but it's still usually all about color. :smile:
  8. i think it's fine for a rehearsal dinner
  9. I'd do it!
  10. Well, I'm inclined to agree with all y'all, but after getting negative feedback from SO (it's his sister's wedding), it's a no-go for me this time. The important part being that I went and bought the dress anyway :graucho: