can i wear a too small jacket as a layer?

  1. so i found this leather trench coat (mackage) i LOVE at tjmaxx for $200 but they only had size XS -- i need a medium!

    it fits across my shoulders -- i can get it on -- it just won't close -- doesn't even come CLOSE to closing!!!

    so... can i wear it like one might wear a bolero or shrug?

    meaning as a layer over a dress or jeans/t-shirt...

    NOT as a coat that you take off (or try to close around you to keep warm)...

    but just as a layer?

    or will i look like an idiot do you think?

    (my camera is dead... planning to buy batteries tomorrow)

  2. leather will stretch over time (a little, not much)

    to be honest I don't like wearing clothes that don't close in front because it tends to look unnatural..that's just my personal opinion though and.. it depends on how big the gap is and how it drapes on you

    I think picture is definitely helpful
  3. in the meantime i am on a google phone call hunt for a medium

  4. If it doesn't fit correctly, I don't buy it. You will find something great in your size later on.
  5. Absolutely not. It's a waste of money to buy clothes that don't fit, and it WILL look like it fits incorrectly.
  6. It doesn't look good even as a layer. I've done it before (I think most have) and it doesn't work well. It looks wrong and most can tell it wont close, at least if it's more than an inch too small around the waist. If your going to spend that kind of money of a jacket I would look for one you can enjoy and wear as more than just a layer.
  7. i think it is a waste. i've done this before and totally regretted it.
  8. ^ I agree. I've tried to convince myself that I could wear something that didn't fit properly in the past, and it is always a bad idea. If something will not come close to closing in the front (even if you don't want to fasten it), it won't look good no matter how you wear it.
  9. ok thanks for all the common sense!

    it is at least one size too small -- maybe two!

    a friend gave me this (hopeless in my case) advice...

    "So it turns out you CAN stretch it. But only so much otherwise it taxes the leather.

    You need to buy and wear the jacket around the house a couple hrs/day with a bunch of layers under it to help stretch it.

    You should also tug at the sleeves and kneed it with you hands. This should help soften it and hopefully stretch it.

    You can also give these people a call leatherspa NYC and see if they will do it. They are shoe specialists (magicians) but may take on the challenge. Who knows."
  10. you should just hold out for the perfect jacket that WILL fit!
  11. It is true that leather will stretch, and you don't need to put anything on it or knead it to make that happen; it happens naturally with wear. I have a leather coat that was snug when I bought it and large enough to wear over a sweater after one wearing.

    However, it is always a bad policy to buy something leather and DEPEND on it stretching. Leather might be able to stretch one size, but not two, and I doubt you would want to consciously TRY to stretch it. That could lead to an accident (ripping a seam) or uneven stretching.

    Unfortunately, this just isn't the right coat for you, but another one WILL turn up and you will be glad you waited. There is no substitute for a good fit.
  12. i just have a problem whtn a coat i feel fits, its too small around my bust, but the coat that fits around my bust is big and unflattering. so im really no help! lol
  13. ^i know what you mean, my waist is smaller then my bust but since I'm an xsmall anyways there's no point in downsizing any it's just a bit tighter on my chest but loose waist..

    if your chest is in the D or higher then it's okay if it's not buttoned all the way or zippered all the way..if you can close it around the waist area that's all you really need, rarely do anyone zipper up all the way unless it's snowing..
  14. what if i lose 20 lbs... will it fit then?

  15. from this photo...i think you look okay but i think it could look quite small in person. if i were you i'd pass. i would say go ahead if it's just one size off...but a M go for a XS is just too much. why loss 20 lbs for a jacket?