Can I wash my tote by hand?

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  1. I have a signature, jacquard + leather tote, I want to completely immerse the tote in water, add in some laundry detergent and let it sit for a while...perhaps gently scrub the inside lining a bit

    I got a used bag and for some reason it just doesnt feel clean to me... I want to wash the whole thing!
  2. What color is the signature bag?
  3. khaki
  4. Try cleaning it with baby wipes. I've even cleaned my Carly with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  5. Do you think cleaning it with water and detergent would ruin it?
  6. If you were to do it, I would suggest Woolite instead because it is very mild!
  7. What color is the leather trim?
  8. The leather trim is parchment!
  9. I would be very careful with the parchment and wouldn't use detergent. You really have to baby the lighter colored leathers.
  10. I don't think I woudl ever put leather directly in water. When it dries it would be spotty. I'd either take the ladies advice above or call a Coach store.
  11. Whatever you use, don't rub too hard on the leather trim or you'll have color rub off.
  12. I've washed a signature bag before. I used dove body soap on it though, and i gently rubbed it with a cloth. It was a yellow optic signature. Looks as good as new.
  13. Try a very mild soap by hand on the material only, not too much, and no hard scrubbing. Take a face washer or small towel, put the soap on that rather than directly onto the bag for more control on where it goes. You can even rinse the soapy cloth out a little first, then squeeze out most of the moisture until it's evenly lightly soapy/damp before applying to the bag. Use a second clean damp towel to "rinse" out your bag. Full immersion may spot the leather as mentioned already.
  14. I have put signatures in the washing machine with detergent before with great results. I think you would be fine to clean it by hand. I have washed probably 4 or 5 in the machine and never had any problems to speak of. I have had to do a little bit of work on the leather with conditioner when they come out...
  15. I've given full immersion baths to some of my (older) leather bags!
    The ones that are vintage....used mild soap.
    They're just fine and a lot cleaner!

    I'd hand wash it w/ woolite.