Can I wash my Burberry Quilted Jacket?


May 5, 2011
Has anyone ever washed their quilted Burberry Jacket? My Constance jacket is somewhat loose on me and I can either have it altered (makes me very nervous and it will cost $100+ at Burberry, or $40+ at Nordies).

Or I can try washing it in delicate cycle/or hand wash to see if it shrinks just a little bit.

Please share your experiences good or bad with washing the Burberry quilted jacket!

Any thoughts or suggestions? Should I try a wash first and then alter if needed?


Jan 12, 2012
OK, I know this is an old thread but I'm reviving it to see if anyone has had other experiences washing the quilted jackets.

I received my jacket a few weeks ago and wore it. The weather became very warm and after taking it off, I decided that it needed to be washed. So the tag and the website says to take to a specialty dry cleaner. Well, I looked up the children's quilted jackets on the B website. They are made of the same 100% polyester material, but they say machine wash. So, I bit the bullet and washed mine on the silk/delicate cycle with cold water and low spin with a very small amount of liquid detergent. I let it air dry FLAT and then I put it in the dryer on AIR ONLY NO HEAT for 20 minutes to let the fibers puff out. It did absolutely fine and the quilting and batting is even. No color transfer or runs.
This is buyer beware but I wanted to let everyone know that I did have luck washing mine at home. :smile:


Dec 14, 2010
I'm washing my long burberry quilted/down jacket right now. It survived the first time in my front load washer. One word of advice from my experience, it has to be dried on air or fluff setting so the material doesn't clump or fall to the bottom of each section (ie when air drying).