Can I Vent???

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  1. I'm so frustrated right now -
    do you mind if I vent??? :cursing:

    I've been on the hunt for a Quilted Elastic Stam since they're been on sale. I finally found one NYs day! The Nordstroms in OakBrook told me that according to the computer, a few stores still had them, including their store!! She said she would check as soon as she could but she was sure she could find it since she knew they hadn't sold one for a while. Of course, the SA never did find it. She said she looked everywhere but it was no where to be found, so my hunt continued.

    The next day, another member of TPF posted a question asking about colors of the Quilted Elastic Stam - she had found not one, but two of them & was trying to decide which color to get. She ordered both but said she would return one. Turns out, one of those bags was purchased from Nordstroms in OakBrook!! She said it was a customer return, but when I talked to the SA who took care of her, she said that no - she actually found the bag burried in the backroom - SO THE BAG WAS THERE THE ENTIRE TIME, INCLUDING THE DAY BEFORE WHEN I WAS THERE!!! AAHHHHHH!:hysteric:

    The buyer said don't worry, she's going to return the one to Nordstroms. I asked her to please let me know when she sends it back & I would call the store, giving them a heads up & and ask them to please call me once they got it. She said no problem, she'd let me know as soon as she sent it back. I thanked her profusely and told her how excited I was.

    Well, she contacted me today & told me that she's probably going to return it this afternoon to the store in "Arkadia" & that she hoped that I can get it. What? That's it? That's not what she said she was going to do & not what we talked about. I have no way of getting the bag from a store in CA - I thought she was going to send it back to OakBrook - that's what she said she was going to do?! I tried replying almost immediately and got no response.

    I called my SA here in Chgo & she said don't worry, we could do a store-to-store transfer, just have her ask them to hold it for me (when she returns it) & she (my SA) would take care of the rest. Simple enough, right? Sure if the other person answers your msg! I tried contacting <10 minutes after her msg, but got no response. I don't know if she saw my msg or not. I called the store in Arcadia & explained the situation to them & the SA said she would do her best to watch for it & will call me once it's been returned. Im keeping my fingers crossed that it works out, but I'm still so frustrated. If they do a store to store transfer it will take weeks (my SA says she doesn't understand why but store transfers take a really long time). If the bag had been sent back to Oakbrook, I could have had it by the end of the week!

    You don't know how frustrating it is (1) to know that the bag was there the entire time, but was told it couldn't be found! and (2) to have someone offer to help you only to leave you hanging in the end. She said she was going to send it back to OakBrook & that she'd let me know when. Now she says she's taking it back to a store 1500 miles away!!! No offer to have them hold the bag, nothing. On top of that, she won't answer my msgs. :crybaby:

    Most everyone here is so nice, helpful and supportive - I've actually returned 2 bags myself & posted about them right away - 2 other PFers bought those bags (one's already recd hers!) & I've gotten such wonderful msgs thanking me - I know how I anxious I am when I'm looking for something. I'd go out my way to help another PFer get what they want, esp if I know how happy they would be. If I could do anything to make it a little easier I would. I'd call stores, talk to anyone I had to - go out of my way just to help make someone else happy! I feel like I've been left out in the cold - Sure, she let me know that she's "probably returing it this afternoon to Arkadia..." But that's it - no name, no store location (I'm sure she means Arcadia, CA but what if she goes somewhere else??), no offer to have it held under my name. I feel like she's got her Stam (2 actually), so the rest of us are on our own. I don't know - I would never do that to anyone else, esp another member of TPF. I just wasn't execting it to turn out this way.:sad:

    OK - I'm done - rant's over.
  2. aww my dear i am sorry,
    i really hope that everything pulls through for you!
    and hopefully there is a good reason why a fellow tPF'er would leave you hanging like that!
  3. im really sorry to hear that hun. im a big believer in karma though; what goes around, comes around. you'll eventually get your bag...and once you do get her, it'll be totally worth the wait. just sucks that the tpfer left you in the dark like that. *hugs* cheer up!
  4. i am so sorry to hear that. i've seen the mssgs thanking you and have been amazed at the effort you put out to help us fellow tpfers w/ ur returns!!! i totally understand how you feel about your hunt for a stam bc i'm looking for a black quilted one myself - on sale! if i found one i'd be so happy, but all those other details would make me crazy!!! hang in there. maybe she just didn't see the mssgs.....

    update us on whether you get one and if not we'll join your hunt for the quilted elastic stam! HUGS !!!
  5. hang in there. i'm so sorry you had to go thru this as i can imagine how frustrated you must feel now. you'll get your bag you have ALL of us on a mad hunt for one just for you! :yes:
  6. Hopefully it was just a miscommunication. She probably thought, hmm...I'm going shopping today, might as well bring it with me and save a couple bucks on shipping, I'm sure she didn't mean to put you out. Maybe she didn't realize she could hold it under your name. I always think it's great when someone from TPF spots a fab deal and holds it under their name and posts it on here :tup: - I never would have thought to do something like that. :idea:

    I always thought store-to-store transfers went fast to appease the customer. Keep calling; they'll get you that beauty. Here's hoping everything works out wonderfully for you. :flowers:
  7. OMG.. I feel so sorry for you! I know how frustrating it is... it is hard. I feel your pain.
    Did she change her mind to keep the bag or she still could not decide which one to keep... Why does she say 'might return it to CA store'..... I really hope she msg back to you to let you know the details of her return, so everything goes well in the end..

    I am the one who got your returned lover-Silvana. And there is no enough to say thanks to you(you know what I mean..) because YOU ARE MY LIFESAVER! Your message on 'MJ deals' thread was so sweet and informative, and it saved me! I guess everyone in this forum understands the feeling when you get your dream bag (even at a great price!) that you are desperately looking for... it was like I am in heaven.. THANK YOU AGAIN, iluvmybags!!

    I hope everything goes well... and you can be with your quilted stam that you want!
  8. :noggin:Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully the SA will get the bag and you will get it quickly. :flowers:
  9. I thought so too, but I bet it's got something to do with the SAs moving a little slower (one store is losing a sale in favor of another, etc). She said a charge send is faster than a store transfer, but unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to do a charge-send until Tue (I have a debit card - not a charge card)

    As far as I know, the bag's being returned. I got a PM today that said "I think I'm going to return the bag to Arkadia sometime this afternoon. I hope you can get it." And that was it. I tried to respond right away but she never answered.

    I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that a fellow PFer got the Silvana. I know the bag is gorgeous (the only reason I returned it was because I honestly don't need two green bags) and you're gonna love it for a long time!!

    I actually ended up returning the Patchwork Bowler (the bag I bought instead when I thought I was buying the Stam :sad:) - I just wasn't lovin' it as much as I should. I thought one of the SAs was going to buy the bag (some interest was shown!), but then I read that another PFer had it sent to her the next morning - So glad!!!

    My fingers are crossed on the Stam -
  10. I'm a bit concerned as to why u think its up to a PFer to make sure u get her returned bag. If u have an issue... Take it to PM... Not in a thread... The PF isnt here for u to bash other members either... Its not like that member deliberately bought your bag, right?
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