can i use this bag now?

  1. I'd say go ahead and use it. It'll brighten up your day...and other people's, probably :smile:
  2. I'm probably not the best person to comment since I am carrying my cream Betty today, but I agree...if it's a beautiful bag (as yours is) any time is the right time! :smile:
  3. I think the current bags ARE cream. If you have a winter white, wear it in the snow storm!

    I also love red for winter and sweater knitted bags.

    But I can't get your URL to load, so I haven't yet seen yours.

    I think following seasons can be fun to a point. Really use the ones in the colours you feel are that season before the season ends!
  4. I say go for it! I don't think the color is so light that it HAS to be worn in the spring time.
  5. It's very nice! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I think it would be fine to use it now. :yes:
  6. I say put that lovely bag on and enjoy it right now! That green is FAB! I don't think it's too springy (I like to think green is a very usable color: light enough for spring/summer, earthy enough for fall, and just cheerful enough for winter!).
  7. Use it! It doesn't look too springy for february :yes:
  8. I would..I like to wear a colored bag in the winter (in the middle of HUGE snow storm today in NE) it stands out nice against my black coats....I would...Nice bag..Congrats! :heart: Emmy
  9. It sounds like you truly love the color! Go for it! Enjoy!
  10. I think it looks fine. I just posted a similar question this morning!!! Are we in a hurry for spring or just using our new bags?
  11. You could totally use that color now.
  12. Very cute! I say go for it! It's all about YOU!
  13. Well said! Use it and enjoy it:nuts:
  14. cograts, I say use it, it's a nice color....will go great with brown!