Can I use the temporary SPRAY CAN hair color on my dog? Is it safe?

  1. My friend has a can of that white temporary spray hair color stuff and I was wondering if it's safe to use on my wiener dog? She's black and tan and I'd like to put a white stripe down her back so she can go as a skunk :smile:

    I know the regular hair color stuff isn't ok for dogs because it burns their skin, but since this is a human product and it's temporary, do you think it would be ok or are some dogs allergic?
  2. I'm not quite sure.... does the can say non-toxic? Your dog might try to lick it off...
  3. I would not use it. There are special pet hair dyes available from grooming suppliers that you can be assured are non-toxic and generally safe for your pooch.
  4. thank you for your input!! i won't be using it :smile:
  5. This reminds me of when I was little and my best friend and I used Crayola Markers and colors my black and white cat all types of differet colors. lmao. It was pretty hilarious, I wish I had the photos.