Can I Use NM Gift Card ....

  1. that I got by redeeming my Incircle Points to put towards a Chanel Handbag?? Wasn't sure if there were any restrictions ...

    Also, how long does it take to arrive when you redeem online??
  2. I think you can use it towards anything at NM.
  3. My favorite SA sent in my redemption notice to NM for me. She really wanted to do it so I'm not sure if they get commission just for doing my dirty work. It didn't take very long - week or two. You can use it on anything. Last year I just applied to a large bill that I had. Really helps. Good luck!!
  4. Is it that time to redeem points? I didn't think they could be applied toward your bill.
  5. I should clarify. It was a large purchase of many items. They just applied it at the end of the receipt.
  6. I think the deadline is March 07. When I called to redeem mine, they told me it would be 3-4 weeks This kinda bummed me out because I was thinking about buying something prior to the anticiapted price increase.