can I use macy's gift card to shop LV bags?

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  1. does any one know if I can use macy's gift card to shop LV product, LV has a boutique located in Macy's NYC.
  2. yes you can, just can't use coupons
  3. thanks.
  4. yup! youre lucky, i want to use mine's on LV but I'm in CA :sad:
  5. ^you can do a charge send, but then you gotta pay for shipping
  6. ^ haha, I thoguht of that a longgg time ago but they can't do charge-sends with a gift card unless you're physically present at the store with the gift cards. The reason is because the registers won't allow them to punch in the numbers for the gift card, they have to be scanned into the computer.

    And I also asked them if I could send them the gift card but no, must be physically present in store. (manager there confirmed this) :sad:
  7. omg i am soo excited i received a macys gift card as well and didnt even think about that... guess ill have to make a trip to nyc this weekend!!! Thanks!