Can I use Lubriderm on my Pale Pink city???

  1. Do you ladies think I can use the lotion on my light pale pink city??? or would you suggest not to due to the color??? THANKS!!! :huh:
  2. if you are super into it, you could try it on your mirror first. does the city have a leather strip inside the front exterior pocket? i know the first and hobo do- but if your city does you could test it there as well

    is your pale rose very veiny? most of the ones i've seen arent, i'd only lube or apple lotion it if the texture bothers you. it more important to apple garde a lighter color IMO, to protect against color damage, stains, dirt, rubbing... darkening, ect.
  3. Test it on a small area first to see how it will affect it. I know someone here used it on a grey bag and it seemed to be OK!
  4. pale pink's are normally so gorgeous already! if yours is veiny, then it may be worth a try. otherwise, you can either test a small part or just leave it alone altogether! =D
  5. My bag is dark, but I first checked it on the bottom of the bag where is can get all scuffy anyhow. Cities have that perfect strip on the bottom that firsts don't...try somewhere on there?
    My bag did change color slightly, it's now richer blue.
  6. oh..good luck!! Post pics if you decide to do it!!!
  7. ITA with mocean. It's more important to protect it since it's a lighter color. Definitely spray that Apple Guard protectant on it esp the handles(which seem to darken the fastest)--a good 3 coats or more even depending on how much you will use it.

    Also, like mocean said, is the leather very veiny? I thought a lot of the Pale Roses were nicer. If it is really veiny, I agree with the others about doing a spot test someone inconspicuous.
  8. I just put cetaphil on the bottom of my city cornflower & it gets darkened bec of it.. Is lubriderm cause the same effect too?
  9. *****disclaimer**************

    The ladies have only used lubriderm, not cetaphil. Use lubriderm and other products at your own risk....
  10. I used Nutraderm at my own risk!
    Cetaphil moisturizer is gentle, if it darkened it to a point that I thought was stupid, I'd stop.

    ** I too do not take ANY responsibility for your bags being lubed** ;)
  11. Of course I'll use it at my own risk too... What I mean by "darkened" is the color get richer, deeper blue...I'm brave enough to use cetaphil because I know it's a very gentle lotion....
  12. ^^ That's how I felt about the Nutraderm. Gentle, no scent...
    Mine looked instantly darkened, but only darkened because it was losing it's whitey dryness. Photograph it!! My Cornflower is divine now!!
  13. I used Coach leather moisturizer on mine (an Ink not a Rose). It also worked well to get rid of the oh so ugly veins. Please take before and after pics if you do it.
  14. The left side area has been lube by cetaphil yesterday night. Can you see it's darker than the right side? I'm not sure if the picture show it clearly...
  15. Hi girls,

    I don't mean to sound paranoid in my posts but it would break my heart if someone used something on their bags that made them look horrible!