Can I use LovinMyBags Treatment on my Lambskin Flap?

  1. I have the Lovin My Bags Pro Treatment that has worked well on my other bags, so I'm tempted to use it on my black lambskin flap, but not sure. Has anyone else used LMB on their Chanel Lambskin? How did it work for you? Advice is appreciated! TIA!
  2. I'd love to know what's out there that you can use on the Ultimate Soft line. I'm totally terrified of getting caught in the rain when I have either of mine with me.
  3. Have you tried emailing Barbara from LMB and asking her? She's pretty good about getting back to people relatively quickly.
  4. Thanks - I bit the bullet and tried it a couple of hours ago! I started with a small spot on the inside at first. It seemed to do well, so I did the rest of the bag. It really shined and softened it up a bit - looks great!

    I've had nothing but great results from the LMB Pro-Treatment. You can supposedly use it on any leather.