Can I use funds that I already withdrew?...

  1. *sigh* Here's the situation in a nutshell.........I sold something on eBay, the buyer pd. right away, I shipped the next day and it according to the USPS website the item was delivered. Fast forward.....buyer claims she never received the item, filed dispute and now has escalated it to a claim......I always withdraw any funds out of my PP account right away because I usually need it to pay off bills and in this case it was to pay off my cc. My question is, can I use those funds that are still sitting in my checking acct or should I wait to see who PP sides with before doing anything? I'm really pis#$ed off because I really needed the $$...:cursing:
  2. I would leave the $$$ in my checking account. Was the item over $250? Did you get singature confirmation if it was?
  3. Yes, it was over $250 and I purchased ins. & delivery conf. If it's insured, it needs to be signed by the recipient before the courier can deliver it and in my case, the courier scanned the delivery conf. but not the insurance slip so I don't even know who signed for it. It's such a mess and it's the first time that it's ever happened to me. :sad::confused1:
  4. I have had this happen so I just spend the extra $ to get signature confirmation --- The PO has no recourse if that is not scanned.

    If you have all documentation indicating it was delivered - but you cannot prove to WHO - I don't think I would spend the money, as I am not confident you will be covered by PP seller protection as the Sig Confirmation was not used...
  5. I was told by the PO that purchasing ins. & sig. conf. is redundant because, if it's over $200, it needs to be insured & signed by the recipient. In my case, it was delivered but I don't know if it was signed by anyone or if it was, by whom because the courier neglected to scan the insurance sticker (which tells me electronically who signed for it). So, it is really the courier's fault for not doing so because I paid for that service and it was not provided & hopefully I should be able to file a claim for loss with the PO if PP doesn't side with me, which at this point, I agree that it doesn't look good in my favor.....:throwup::yucky:
  6. The PO workers are always telling me I don't need signature confirmation because I have insurance and the recipient will have to sign anyway. This is very confusing -- if you can't force the carrier to do his/her job, what good is insurance?
  7. Hi. If you print postage with PP you have to pay the extra money. I believe since you bought postage at the PO, you are going to be required to get a copy of the scanned form from the PO and fax it to PP. I would do that ASAP.
  8. I wouldn't spend the money yet. Leave it in your checking account until the dispute is closed.