Can I use Apple products on my Bayswater?

  1. I have no clue with leather, except can tell from the look that they're textured, smooth, suede...

    My pink Bayswater is glove leather and I have a bottle of Leather Care conditioner with me. The instructions say do not use on napped leathers, what is napped leathers? :confused1:

    This is the conditioner I've:

    Is it safe to use? Thanks.
  2. After I had my Mulberry Roxanne for about a year, I treated it with the Apple leather care lotion--the conditioning lotion, NOT the Apple cleaner, and NOT the Apple Guarde water-proofing spray. The leather previously had a few dry spots, but the lotion made it look supple and revitalized, without changing the color or texture in any harmful way.

    However, my bag is the Chocolate color, and since yours is lighter (pink), I would definitely suggest testing a small spot on the bottom before putting the lotion all over. (I think "napped" leather means suede or nubuck, fyi.)

    I would recommend reading this "How To" information posted on an eBay page of a tPF member, LivinLuxuriously. She clearly explains the different uses for the different Apple products.

    eBay View About Me for livinluxuriously
  3. Thanks Cosmopolitan for sharing. :smile: I'm going to get the colonsil spray, just for my Bayswater. She's special.
  4. ^^^No problem. What's colonsil spray? I'm not familiar with that.
  5. Sorry, wrong spelling, should be Collonil. It's a protectant spray that Mulberry lovers on this forum recommended using.