Can I use an eraser to clean my bag?

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  1. I used the "Pink Pearl" eraser to clean up interior and exterior of bags.

    It seems OK on small stains or sticky stuffs on the hardware pieces but I like to know anyone has the same experience can share with us. :cool:

    Is there any side effect for years later and any better eraser instead of the latex free "Pink Pearl" eraser? :biggrin:

  2. You know, when I first got my Neverfull and the vachetta was fresh and white, I was a little obsessed with keeping it spot free. A LV SA told me to use an eraser to remove any marks on the leather...well, this was not great advice. Although I didn't do it TOO much, there is defiantly marks on my leather where I used the eraser and it dulled the look and texture. I wish I would have just waited till it got a nice patina and then used Apple Guard leather cleaner, because that stuff is super gentle and works like a charm!
    I have used the eraser on the inside canvas, and noticed it left a smudge where I was rubbing it. I think unscented and alcohol free baby wipes work best for canvas, both the soft and hard side.
  3. Don't rub too hard and conditions it once a while
  4. I used the Pink Pearl (from Paper Mate) eraser just because it's as a ultra fine sandpaper, since it wont cause damage on the paper then it should good for the stains on the surface of bags and I don't have to wait it to dry like leather cleaners.

    Yes, try the slow gentle rub instead of fast hard rub first. :biggrin:
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