Can I use a Coach Merch. Credit at the factory stores?

  1. I apologize in advance if this has been covered, but my search skills are probably not the best. I searched for this and didn't find anything.

    My question is:

    If I have a Coach store credit, can that credit also be used at the Factory store?

    Thank you!!
  2. ^i asked the same question, and never got an answer.

    so, i don't know. and i called the outlet and all they said was 'come in, and we'll see...". well, i'm an hour away- so i never found out.
  3. YES!!! I did this on black friday ... I used a $150 gift card there.

    are you talking about the store credit they just give you a sheet of paper for though? (I sent in a bag for repairs and they just sent me a letter giving me store credit ... not sure if they do that with other stuff) I know they had to call a number and put in a code for that, so the outlet might not take it.

    but the gift cards for sure!
  4. Hm, yeah it's a store credit on a sheet of paper. They couldn't repair my bag and are sending me coach credit instead. I wanted to use it at the outlet, but I don't know that the outlet will accept it.
  5. Yes, I was told you can use it at any coach store, outlet, or online
  6. yup. i did last year. g/c's too.
  7. Excellent! Thanks everyone!
  8. Yes, I have only purchased from the factory stores. I did purchase something online once but returned it for store credit and used it at the factory store.
  9. Thanks kathyrose! I'm planning on making an outlet trip here shortly. Can't wait! :yahoo:
  10. Can I use merchandise credit at the outlet? I forgot to ask about it at the store.

  11. yep
  12. yes you can, don't forget to post pix when you go and use it!
  13. My dh bought me a bag at a Coach boutique for my birthday. I don't really care for it, so if I return it with the gift receipt, I receive a store credit. Can I then use that at the Factory store?

  14. Yep!:yes:
  15. You can use merchandise credit at COACH store,, COACH catalog, and at the factory store.:okay: