Can I undo a conditioning?

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  1. I'm new to the world of balenciaga, my collection is mainly vuitton, but I recently got an 05 city bag. When it came it was a little dry, so I used what I use on all my leather products, a leather conditioner with a bit of beeswax in it.

    It didn't leave a residue, but it took away a bit of that silkiness of the leather. It's fading as it's in use, but is there a way to.. strip it of the beeswax, or override it sort of? And what *should* I be using to condition this leather? I'm in Canada so I don't have access to a lot of US products, and I'd like something local so I don't have to wait weeks for something to cross the border.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Oh why in the world would you condition with a product that has beeswax in it and not text the product on a small area first?

    Only thing I can think of is paint thinner, and I DO NOT recommend that. There is a dye product called Tarrago and it comes with this "cleanser" of sorts that's pretty good. Not if you can buy the cleanser just by itself, but it was pretty good. It's a strong cleanser though, it might strip the color.

    Can you talk to your leather cobbler for some recommendations?

    For conditioning, I use Nivea Original Moisture lotion. It works perfectly and I have never had any issues. Love the stuff.
  3. just use it, will go away w time
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    ooh I thought one should not use moisterizer cremes for humans on high end leather bags!

    to the OP: sorry dont know anything to undo it.
    I would just wear her a lot and it will go away by itself I guess after a while!
    better then applying something again and risking more weird outcomes!
  5. ^^ People use Lubriderm all the time.

    It's a personal preference, but I have found no issues with Nivea Original, if anything, it makes the bag look AND feel better. There's nothing worse than dry leather b/c it can crack.
  6. Check with Lovin My Bags!
  7. good to know =)
    will try it mabye too if I need it!
  8. Thanks all. I did test it, on the back of the mirror, and it felt just fine, I'm thinking maybe I used a tad too much on the bag itself? I'll try some lotion, and just wear it and hope it evaporates, heh :smile: It's not grimy or residue-y, it's just.. not as silky.
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    Try buffing it with a sof cloth in a circular motion. I used Leather CPR on one of my bags and applied too much in one area which removed the gloss finish. After gently buffing, the shine has started to return. I need to work on it some more. Leather CPR is a very good product but I think conditioners can remove some of that coating Bal uses for gloss and shine.

    As for body creams, I personally wouldn't recommend trying that out. Nivea and Lubriderm both contain ingredients that can clog the pores of leather and prevent "breathing". Leather is a natural product that needs to breathe. Professional leather specialists, including LMB (lovinmybags) do not recommend these products either. Applying the lotion could make it worse.
  10. Just use it as it is, very often like everyday. The waxing thing will wear off. I adopted an over-treated Bal bags a couple months ago. The owner over-treated it too much, you can see the handles has a flaky wax coming off. Actually, it's like all over the bag's flaking with wax. At first, I tried rubbing it everyday with clothes and brushing it with toothbrush. Well, I gave up after a couple days, I was just lazy and decided to use it as it is. A miracle came true. After a couple weeks, I notice the leather's softer and less flaking. It seems like rubbing with my cloth and everything has help getting rid off those waxing surface that sit on top of the leather. So, don't worry about it too much. Just use it.
  11. I posted this as a way to take the shine off of a new bag, and believe it may work for you. It would be quicker than waiting for it to wear off, IMO. Please follow the directions precisely.

    1. put 3-5 tennis balls or racquetballs inside your bag (depends on the size of the bag)
    2. put your bag inside a pillowcase or dustbag (or make your own bag with light or
    white sheeting type material (be sure to RUBBER BAND it CLOSED)
    3. fill your dryer with towels (put a few in, add your bag, put in a few more on top)
    4. turn your dryer on a NON HEAT setting (very very important)
    5. check your bag after 5 minutes (OR if you hear the hardware hitting the drum, stop
    the dryer immediately and add more towels)
    6. continue to check until you get the result you want

    ** please be sure to follow all steps exactly as written

    the tennis balls will gently massage the leather from the inside as they are tossed around in the dryer. this will imitate the normal day to day use of the bag. the towels are to protect the hardware and to soften the landing of the bag.

    If you don't notice results, take out one towel at a time, or find thinner or smaller towels. If you hear the hardware, add towels one at a time. You don't want the hardware to get banged up.

    DO NOT do this if you have a covered hardware bag!!!