Can I trust ebay?

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  1. Has anyone here ever bought a balenciaga from eBay? I did once and it was guaranteed authentic... of course it was a fake. What should I look out FOR?
  2. Go to and look at 1) silver tags, 2) color swatches by season, 3) reading the inside of a bag, 4) motorcycle reference, 5) obsessing about b-bags and 6) what to expect from eBay.

    Overall, you can get beautiful bags on eBay from current and prior seasons in all kinds of condition -- some never carried, some with some scratches or dark handles, etc. The price for these bags will reflect their rarity and condition, but there will never be a bargain-basement price on a genuine Balenciaga. Instead of paying $995 for a First, you might get one in really good condition for $850 or $900; one with damage that needs to be repaired for $600, etc. You'll never find one for $300.

    Now, some fake sellers price their bags at real-bag prices. If you think you like a bag, post its link in the Authenticate This thread in this forum, and some members who are interested in authenticating bags for other people will look and comment.

    Good luck!
  3. Also before you buy post it on "Authenticate this" thread . That's where I went before buying my 05 bordeaux first and it is the real thing.

  4. If you're in doubt about the authenticity of a particular listing, you can always post it in the "Authenticate This - Balenciaga" forum here on tPF...there are a ton of people here that are extremely versed in identifying takes a while, but in most cases, you can indeed determine if a bbag is fake BEFORE you buy it. Dont, I repeat DON'T ever just trust a seller when they say a bag is 100% authentic--demand proof! ;)
  5. I'm sorry to hear you were cheated!!!

    Well, along with all the other advice, don't just assume since they have a dustbag and tags it is authentic. You should really do your homework before buying a Balenciaga. Check out the link like Atelier.naff (great source) along with the authenticate this link (also great source). And FYI, you will never be able to purchase a Balenciaga from an online store--they are not allowed to be sold online. Only auction sites like EBAY.
  6. I have bought all 4 of my bags off of ebay (all in the last 2 months!). One is on the way, but the other 3 are authentic for sure. If the price is too low (below $7-800), beware! You can get deals below that, but they are rare.
  7. Yes ~ just do as everyone else stated ~ I have bought from some very good sellers and am selling a few myself. Sorry about your experience.
    Linda Marie