can i trouble you one more time?

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  1. would be most appreciative to have your views one more time. There are so many nice bags out there and I need objective views before I take the plunge (I am kind of cowardly in this sense cos I am very new in bags).

    Which bag would you prefer? and is the Rafe bag (1st and 2nd pic are the same bag) authentic? There is no Rafe boutique here so I am not sure if this is authentic. Last pic is coach.

    Thank you so much again. :shame:

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  2. I like the rafe bag. it looks good to me but not sure.
  3. thanks for your reply, love2shop.:smile: The Rafe bag looks really good to use for work. I hope this is a real bag... :biggrin:
  4. Hi oranGETree, I like both but the rafe is nice because it is different. Can't say anything about authenticity (do they make fake rafe now?) Maybe you can PM chemlex who is a rafe fan.
  5. I like the 3rd one because it is all white...but they are both pretty. You can't go wrong with either...
  6. thanks a mil, minicoop and happypug. :smile: I will pm chemlex now.... :shame: **squeak

    I'm a white bag fan. kkekekkeeee :lol:
  7. They're both nice, but I like the Rafe bag. Let's us know which one you choose.:smile:
  8. I would go w/ the rafe bag as well. The coach bag is nice as well but the rafe bag is more unique.
  9. The Rafe bag is definitly the cutest - have no idea if its real or not! sorry!
  10. i like the rafe bag, its really nice.
  11. Hey, discussing handbags is never any trouble! ;)

    The Rafe is pretty and would hold more than just a cellphone & a wallet, I'd go for that.
  12. hi oranGetRee:biggrin: hope u are fine..:amuse:
    well dear i guess u know my opinion! ;)
    no seriously i'd go with the coach beacause i didnt like the green detail on the rafe.. :oh:
  13. Hi dear! I'm ok, just addicted to bags :lol: If I have enough $$ to spare, I will go for both (and hide the price from my hubby). Hhehhehehee....
  14. thank u, everyone.

    thank u for yr patience. I have been asking alot of 'how-about-this-bag" questions recently. Thank u to all for bearing with me and helping me in my choosing. You all are very kind. :love:

    I'd go for the Rafe. Cos it can hold more of my stuff and looks different. :biggrin:
  15. They are both pretty bags, but I like the coach bag more.