Can I tell you all what my co-worker did to me? (aka Co-worker rant)

  1. Yesterday I found out that my old co-worker (who is now in another department) went to my boss (and cc'd his manager) to complain about me. Last week I asked him to do a quick review of a document and he felt like it wasn’t his job. I totally disagree that it “isn’t his job” but even so I think if he had a problem with it he should have come to me, not my boss.

    Well my boss told him exactly “you should go to her if you had a problem”. This is a
    guy I worked very closely with for 2 years, just recently came to my work bday celebration in other words I thought we were work friends.

    When I saw him today I asked to speak with him and he looked very nervous. I asked him to explain his side and I explained mine. He kept saying he wasn’t here to argue and kept trying to leave. I had to get my point across though. I explained why I did not think it was inappropriate of me to ask him to review the document and said that if he had a problem with it he should have came directly to me. He seemed upset that I confronted him but how could he expect me NOT to say something?? That isn’t me and he should know that.

    I am not upset that he thought I asked him to do that "wasn't his job" cuz I totally disagree. I am upset with how he handled it.

    I did get in one zinger “As a man, I would expect you to come directly to me if you had a problem with me, not behind my back to my manager”. Then he literally ran away.

    I hate when people do something then don’t have backbone to defend it. Grow some b$%^s IMHO.

    It was immature of me to make the "as a man" comment I should have said "as a professional". By that point in the
    conversation I was pretty pissed. I just felt betrayed or something. I don't know if he was really trying to get me in trouble but....

    After the conversation I re-sent my original email to him, my manager and his manager so it was clear on what I had asked him to do (he stated the facts a little off in our conversation) and explained why I didn't think it was wrong for me to ask and that I would have preferred him come directly to me if he had a problem. I felt like I should 'CYA' with his manager.

    I am happy I stood up for myself and consider it over. He is probably still mad since he seems to hold stuff but oh well. That's his issue!

    Oh its not like I am in trouble with my manager, he agrees that I didn't ask the guy to do anything inappropriate and thinks he should have come to me not him. So that's all good!

    Thanks for reading. I need to get it all out so that my anger about it goes away.
  2. What a jerk! Good for you for stating your case. I had a run-in with a co-worker recently,too. He expected me to forge our boss' signature. He told me as the Accounting Mgr "it was my job". HUH? When did forgery become a responsibility? This guy raised his voice, put his finger in my face (to emphasize it was my job), and was totally disrespectful. I went to my boss myself to let him know what happened, b/c I knew if he heard it from the guy it would be completely distorted. Well, my boss apologized for my co-worker's rude and unprofessional behavior and completely respected the fact that I wouldn't forge his signature. Some people are such morons!
  3. Typical workplace behavior I'm afraid. I work in a mostly female environment and the backbiting is vicious at times. I can't believe that supposedly mature, professional women go running to our manager like 1st-graders to "tattle" rather than just address a problem directly---but they do. Good on you for confronting him about his behavior!
  4. Ditto. Grrr. Horror stories!

  5. Good for you for standing up for yourself...and I agree..he shouldn't have run off to your boss. I absolutely hate it when people tattle on each other. I actually admire the person more if they come up and confront me on something that is bothering them rather than telling someone else about it.
  6. Thats terrible but I believe it is common. Backbiting is awful... I've been a victim of that (*sigh* I thought this person was my friend too! I trust too easily) but I am sure this happens often and in every work environment unless you really really luck out. Some peoples personalities are built for that and do well in "office politics" because they just know how to play the game.... I for one.... don't. I'm honest, and not very slick at all so I get killed in environments like that.. its tough but I am looking for a profession with the least amount of office politics as possible.
  7. That guy is such a WUSS!! :cursing: I'm so glad you stood up for yourself! :yes: That'll show him that women are NOT to be messed with. :biguns:
  8. There is a difference between "tattling" and "informing", IMO. Since my co-worker was asking me to do something I consider to be morally wrong and it involved signing my boss' name, my boss needed to be involved. Additionally, I had to implement a procedure to prevent a situation from happening again, and needed my boss' consent and signature to do so. So for me, is wasn't so much "tattling" as seeking approval...
  9. Oh boy, I hate office stuff like that!! I worked for 8 years in an office where anytime something went wrong, all anyone worried about was covering their *ss!!! I feel for you and I think you did the right thing. I would have done the same as you. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. I've learned in an office, if you don't stick up for yourself, no one's gonna do it for you!!!
  10. The best way to handle a situation is head on... so you should be very proud that you handled it that way. He sounds like he was just being lazy... typical man :roflmfao:
  11. What a whiner!! It's not like you asked him to do something that would put his job in jeopardy. If he wasn't happy with what you did he should have either spoke to you or sucked it up. I really don't think that is something you go to the boss with. I'm glad that your boss didn't think it was a big deal and I'm glad you stood up for yourself!!
  12. Good for you! U stood up for urself. I think he probably fear being confronted.
  13. good for you for not just sucking up this guy being a douche

    and congrats on that zinger

  14. DITTO!!!

    If you don't stand for something, you'll stand for anything and you clearly stand for SOMETHING. Your co-worker is an a-HOLE.
  15. HAHA!! i love that he ran away! running away coupled with going to the manager behind your back shows exactly what kinda person he is! good for you, Virgo!!