Can I take my new mastic city w/ me to the movies?

  1. I am taking my Monsters, er, kids to "Ratatouille" this afternnon and I am going to be doing a little shopping first before the movie. I don't want to drag around my lame canvas bag the whole time when Miss Mastic could be making her debut. Is it safe? Am I nuts? Yes, we know that. I could just hold it on my lap, this would also prevent me from any greasy popcorn or candy, which would be a could thing since it's bikini season and all. What do you all think? TIA.
  2. Sure, as long as you're careful and hold her in your lap i'm sure you'll be fine. That's usually what i do.. or if it's not packed i bring a sweater, put it on the seat next to me and put my bag on top.. but only if it's not busy cause if not than i worry about someone else spilling something on it.
  3. oh, and btw- Ratatouille was SOO cute! hehe
  4. I can understand your concern with a light bag, but I wouldn't worry too much. You bought the bag to enjoy. I always seat my bag right next to me (on the next seat over on top of my coat or right by my hip) and have never even had a near-miss issue. If I'm having popcorn or a soda or something, I cover the bag with napkins just in case.

    Enjoy the movie - I went the other day and it was fabulous! I think it's even better for the grown-ups than the kids. :tup:
  5. Thanks Sammydoll! BTW, love your new avatar!
  6. I don't think it will be a problem. Maybe spread some protection on it first?
    Ratatouille is awesome~!!!
  7. Aw, thankks!
  8. bring another bag and put your mastic in it =P

    when I go to movies, i usually wrap my jacket around it and put it in the seat next to me or on my lap if its crowded.
  9. Oh Shasta- I had the same dilemma last night when I took my lil' one to go see Transformers...I was paranoid the whole time trying to keep her nacho cheesy fingers away from my Vert d'eau city..since it was a full house- baby Vert was unable to get her own was a challenge. Good-luck.
  10. i brought my steel day to the movies yesterday night. i had it on my lap and it was perfectly fine!
  11. funny that you ask this question because I am always so nervous about the popcorn finger grease on my bags, but as long as you wont have that then I dont see a problem if it is sitting on your lap!!
  12. I always take a BBag to the movies!!! I cover the drink holder that I am NOT using with a napkin and then put the handles over it so that it is not on my lap or on the seat next to me.
  13. I use the drink holder as well and if I am with my BF and I know I wont need it, then I leave it in the trunk of the car :p
  14. i bring my bbags to the movies with me. i just keep them on my lap.

    i can see your concern with small children. just let them know to not throw any popcorn at mommy or touch her bag :p
  15. I take mine everywhere. If you keep it mositurized and spray it with Apple Guard once a month most stains will wipe right off. Ink is the only thing that I find extremely hard to remove. No pens around my bags.