Can I take it in the Rain.....

  1. .......and not worry about it?

    My Swift Birkin? Rain? Lot's of it??????? :wtf:
  2. Hmmmm - not lots of it. A little shower might be OK but I wouldn't do the downpour thing!

    Where's Fleurdelis - she'll know for sure but my SA did say to be sure and carry the rainkit if in doubt.
  3. But then again they always say that :rolleyes: - LOL
  4. S'Mom, Swift is a toughie in the rain. No problems. But I wouldn't deliberately take it into the rain, KWIM? On many occasions, I was caught in the unexpected showers and ran for cover. After which, I just gave my Swift Lindy a few quick wipes and that was it. :tup:
  5. I need to read the weather report...
    It's pitiful when you find out that it's raining over tpf :smile:
  6. ITA with MrsS: I got caught in the rain several times with my Swift Birkin, and I just wiped it and it was fine!!! No worry!
  7. hmmm... thanks for the info, ladies.

    another plus point for swift leather!
  8. oh no s'mom!!!
  9. I had mine while it was snowing. Wiped it off afterwards and it was perfect again!
  10. I love swift. Thats' very nice to know. Thank you very much Ladies. :flowers::flowers: