Can I stretch Knee High Leather Boots?

  1. I have purchased a new pair of Leather Knee High Boots (without trying them on - like it would make a difference anyway) - and I wanted to know if there is a way I can stretch the calf.

    I have quite large calves and I can't get the boots done up. I am in the process of losing 6 stone (I've lost 3 another 3 to go) so I think (and hope) that my legs will also reduce in size but at the moment, I can't wear these boots and I love them so much I don't want to have to return them if I think they will fit in later in the year (my weight loss if a quick process due to diet I'm on!).

    As I have said they are Leather but they are lined with soft material. I've heard that a blast with a hair dryer could do it is this right?
  2. Use the boots as an incentive to lose the final weight. I am sure they'll fit once that's done. And if you stretch them and then lose the weight and they get too big, wouldn't that be an excuse to gain some weight?;)

    By the way, which diet are you on? sounds great if you're able to shed weight quickly. I've put on a few extra kilos over the summer that I would like to get rid of yesterday!!!!
  3. Well the diet I'm on is for people who are 3 stone overweight or more - is a meal replacement diet called Lighterlife.

    No food at all - 4 shakes a day and 4 litres of water. They guarantee you lose 1 stone per month.

    When I started it I lost 1 stone in 2 weeks.

    I know people don't agree with this form of diet, but this treats more than the weight. You have to go to counselling every week and deal with the actual problem which is normally WHY you eat i.e comfort eating.

    Its a big deal.
  4. Well, I know boots definitely can stretch out, since I have a pair I've worn for a couple of years that are now too big for me and have started to slouch. How to stretch them quickly however, I don't know, other than trying to wear them as much as possible (like around the house) or stuffing towels into them to try to get them to expand?

    But if you're anticipating losing more weight, I wouldn't stretch them too much since you run the risk of going overboard and then having them be too big!
  5. I was told if they are leather you can usually stretch them up to an inch or half inch (cant' remember), depending on the type of leather and the lining. A cobbler might be able to help...

    I would caution against it if you think they'll work when you lose weight. It is near impossible to take boots in. You have to remove the zipper, etc. and most cobblers says it won't look right when it's done.
  6. I took some leather boots I had to a cobbler and he put them on a machine thing for a week to stretch them. I got them back and they didn't feel like they had streched at all. They were made from a super soft slouchy leather so you'd think they would have stretched but nope!
  7. I have stood these boots in the corner of my bedroom now as inspiration to get on and lose that 3 stone! I WILL get those boots on and when I do I will take photos and post them on here! (now where did that determination come from!!?)
  8. I just posted on another thread about taking my boots to a cobbler. He made a cut and put a little bit of elastic in the top so that it stretches. It wasn't very expensive to have done and it works great for me! Here's a pic:
    Boot Elastic.JPG
  9. Hey guys i bought myself a louboutin knee high boots. I have no problem fittin into my calves but my proboem is the shoe size. My show size is 43. Usually louboutin i can wear a 42 its not a problem. But this boots is sized 41.5. Its suede but i have no idea to stretch the feet size part. I tried bringing to a shoe repair none can do so. Help!