Can I still wear knee high boots?

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  1. I know some parts of the nation it is still freezing at night, but down here it will be a high of 78, 20% chance of rain tomorrow. I figure I will stop wearing them when it is consistently above 80 during the day. So, yay or nay???
  2. why not? I think they look nice worn with jeans or a dress ^^
  3. course you can still wear knee high boots.... I'm wearing mine now!
  4. Yay, whenever the weather demands it. I wear mine all the time.
  5. Definitely. There was another thread yesterday about wearing them with sundresses. I think they can work now for sure.
  6. sure why not?

    its all in your own personal comfort! what color are they? black? brown? creme?
  7. I always see in People and US magazine and all those celebrities wearing their boots over their jeans with a tank top. I think it looks cute but I can never manage to pull the look off but go for it and try it.
  8. you sure can!
  9. i have a pair in green that i wear when it is mild but not above 80 F. although it's fall now (in brazil) so i'll be wearing my boots alot!
  10. of course!:smile:
  11. totally, go for it!!
  12. jfhave - i must have missed this or else i wouldn't have posted my question!

    jahpson - they're brown, i wore slacks monday b/c it was windy, but today i wore this:

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