Can I still use Paypal w/o a Paypal Account?

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  1. :yes: I tried searching on the forum first but couldn't really find an answer to my question.

    Am planning to bid a bag on eBay, seller ships internationally and only accept credit cards thru paypal or via western union. My previous dealing with US sellers were thru BidPay and had no problem at all, though they were lower value purchases, so I never really bothered with Paypal.

    So my question is will I still be able to use paypal without a Paypal account? In which the seller just sent me an invoice and i use my credit card?? I remember while buying from LovinMyBags, they just sent me a Paypal invoice and I used my credit card. Would this be the same for ebay purchases?

    thanks very much for your help!!

  2. Um. Nope. To use PayPal, you have to sign up with them and create an account.

    Just like to send an email from Yahoo, you have to have a Yahoo account.
  3. But once you go to pay, if you win that is, it will take you through to Paypal and walk you through what to do
  4. If you are buying, why wouldn't you want to use PP? It's the selling that it's a pain for.
  5. thanks girls! just registered for an account! :flowers:
  6. Yes you have to have an account but you can just put a credit card on there if you want. You don't have to do other accounts like bank accounts.