Can I still order this?

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  1. I need a black wristlet. I really want the Signature Stripe black/gunmetal to match my tote (11099). Can I still order it?
  2. There is some on ebay.
  3. I got a coupon today from coach and wanted to use it.
  4. call cs and see if its still available!
  5. ^ I agree. Call JAX and ask.
  6. I've seen a lot of this signature stripe on sale in Macy's for 30% off. I went there and bought my mini skinny to match my sig. stripe hobo. I think mine had wristlets but I talked myself out of it.
  7. Coupon says you can't use it on orders, only on whats available in stores. Who knows though, they MiGHT let you use it on an order. It depends on how strict the SAs and manager are at your store.
  8. I saw one on sale at my local Dillards last weekend, so you might want also want to check there if you have one near you! They also had the mini skinny.