Can I still leave negative feedback if I file a dispute?

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  1. I bought something small but relatively expensive on eBay. I plan on messaging the buyer. He stated it was mint condition but its not, there's scuffs, scratches, etc...I was just wondering if I were to file a dispute, could I still leave negative feedback. I generally wouldn't but this person was mean from the time the auction ended and until I paid. It took me 4 days to pay so I could see why he was being rude. Thanks!
  2. Also, will sellers get their listing fees back? Thanks!
  3. Yes, you can leave feedback even if you file a SNAD claim. The seller will NOT get their FVF fees back. Often the listing is free but it´s the final value fees that are VERY high when selling on ebay.
  4. The seller will get their final value fees back if they agree to a refund prior to the case being escalated.
  5. I wasn´t aware of that.
  6. I just learned this a week ago.

    I didn't know it either.
  7. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I would wait until I receive my refund then you can leave your negative feedback
  9. Thank you, I found Out this guy lives 30 mins away from me and he said he wanted to meet in person to do the exchange, then gave me a time to meet by and now demanding on me to send its back today, no exceptions. What?? He's really rude and demanding. I have no time to mail today. How much time do I have to return?
  10. You need to open a claim via paypal. You have 45 days to do so from date of sale. It does not matter what the seller says, do it via paypal or ebay and they will tell you what to do.
  11. Thanks so much for the info!
  12. What is your plan to do with the item? Exchange or return/refund?
  13. Wow. I wouldn't meet this guy at the Vatican even with the Pope present. He sounds VERY scary.

    It sounds like he's trying to scare you into keeping it.

    Just mail it as soon as you are able to with delivery confirmation and insurance (signature confirmation if over $250.00) and ignore this seller from now on.

    Also, you have up to 4 DAYS to pay for an item. Yes, in a perfect world, we sellers would like our payments immediately but you paid and that's all that is important.

    Sorry to babble on. I'm a bit chatty today.

  14. To me this guy is suspicious.... would open a claim on ebay as this is a

    SNAD.. follow their instructions & if the transaction is over $250

    do insure & delivery confirmation with online tracking..

    When you see that is has been delivered just contact your seller

    & let him know that you expect a PROMPT REFUND... if he yang yangs

    you around, just forward the info to ebay & they will process your refund

    & please do everything via ebay's mail system so that ebay will see

    any messages that have gone back & forth..

    This seller sounds unprofessional & less is more in these circumstances..
  15. If he has agreed to accept the return, you don't need to file a claim. Send it back with tracking or signature if over $250. He should agree to refund your purchase price and original shipping charge.

    In order to have the FVF's refunded, he needs to initiate a "mutual" specifying that you have both mutually agreed to cancel the transaction.

    You have 60 days to leave feedback. I would wait until all the other activities have been completed before you do this.