Can I Still Get This Bag?

  1. I have a question. I hope it's not a stupid one. I don't come in here often because my Chanel purchase have been limited to shoes and sunglasses up until about now. I'm very interested in this bag I'm going to post below. I know that this bag has been out for a little while now, and I am wondering if I can still find this purse easily at Saks or Neiman in just a basic Black? I wanted to say hello to everyone here and thank you for taking time to read my post. I love Chanel and it's nice to meet you all.

    I look forward to your responce(s).

  2. hey there! I believe this bag is from the Luxury line and it still *should* be available. To be honest, I am not a Chanel expert - I too am here to learn - but I really just wanted to say hi and welcome. : )
  3. Thanks for the responce. I'm a little green about all the Chanel lines but this bag is one I have to get. I'm thinking it's going to be about $2,500 and I'll need to begin the detailed search at Saks or Neimans before going anywhere else. I'd love it in that gunmental color or even a blush color if it existed. I just need this bag. Hoping somebody can tell me the right place to go and the best deal.
    Everything I've got by Chanel so far is COOL.
  4. Hi!
    This bag came in 3 sizes, the Medium is the most popular and retails for $2160, it came in Black, Bronze, Gold, Silver and Dark Silver - all metallics I think ... I have seen the small size in Red also ... I have no idea what is still available though ... also it is coming out again in Patent - Black and White for sure ....
    This is the extent of my knowledge :p Hope it helps and maybe one of the real experts here will chime in!
  5. I don't know what is still available, but I know someone who can find out. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442. She is from the NM in Michigan, and that is her cell number. If there is a Luxe Ligne Bowler in Black to be found in the NM system, Lisa will find it! Good luck, and if you find one, please post some pictures.
  6. I would be extremely surprised if you could find a gold medium anywhere except eBay anymore. Also FYI the original gold and silver metallics have had problems with color loss. I had one in gold and after wearing it for 4 months took it back to Neimans because of the color loss. They ended up giving me store credit because it could not be repaired. There are other tPF members who had to return either a gold or silver luxury bowler for the same reason.
  7. I'd be super nervous about purchasing this off Ebay because of the fakes that are on there. I did not know this came in several sizes. Thanks for the information. Maybe I'll find one soon.
  8. Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas had this bag in black a few weeks ago. Call my SA Karen @ 214-741-6911 ext 2128 and she can help you.
  9. I agree w/ Smooth. . . maybe look for a different color as the gold/silver metallics were a little defective :sad:
  10. I was at NM in Troy, MI today and it has a beautiful corally pink colour that I have never seen. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested. The colour is absolutely gorgeous!
  11. The only color of this bag I could find to post was gold. I want this in black for sure. So you all think it's still available. cool:yahoo:
  12. I think my SA can help you. PM if you would like contact info.
  13. hot bag~ just bring a pic with you. thats what i do :graucho: