Can I still get the Luxe Ligne Bowler...

  1. in pink in medium anywhere? TIA
  2. Luxe in pink?

    Never ever saw a pink Luxe.
  3. It looks pink in pics maybe it is coral?
  4. there was a coral! You freaked me out for a second! LOL!

    I wa sactually picturing a soft pink, so I was really confused!

    There may very well be some hanging around, I haven't seen any in a couple of months but it was probably the least popular flavor.
    Give a call!
  5. There was one at the Chicago Boutique last Saturday ... I THINK it was Medium ... ask for Pamela she is very nice and helpful
  6. thanks so much:smile:
  7. the coral is so pretty! make sure to take pics if you find it!

  8. your welcome:flowers:

    I know it was there b/c I was holding it :p but I am not certain on which is the small and which is the medium :shame:
  9. the small looks like a taco :biggrin:


    Medium is just right and large is almost like a weekender.