Can I still get the jumbo flap in the color PLUM?

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  1. In stores? Thanks!
  2. I saw it in caviar at the SF store a while back....I think te lambskin would be harder to find at this point. Good luck!
  3. Neiman Marcus in Short Hills, NJ has one in lambskin. It was there this afternoon but there were quite a few people looking at it.
  4. Not to sound dumb but what does the caviar look like compared to the lambskin?
  5. Can someone post a pic of this bag? I saw it on here once on the forum and I have searched and can't find it again. Thanks!
  6. caviar sort of looks and feels finely pebbled, there's a little texture to it and it's normally structured, not too squishy. Lamb is usually pretty smooth and CRAZY soft.
  7. ^ Thanks!
  8. I see this bag fairly often I feel like. I don't know why, it's sooo gorgeous. Hope you find yours!
  9. Thank you..if anyone finds a pic..please post;)
  10. try searching for violet, I think some may call it that.
  11. ^ Oh great idea..thank you!:smile:
  12. Neimans Palo Alto had a jumbo violet the other day. Their phone# is: 650-329-3300. Goodluck!
  13. I just got back from SCP and they had the jumbo, medium, and east-west in the plum caviar.
  14. Only if my darn bag would sell so i can go after that jumbo purple!!! hehe
  15. Maybe you would have better luck if you waited until after the holidays. I check ebay everyday and I noticed that lately business has been really slow. I was thinking about selling my black DS flap also because I have only used it once. I am NOT going to sell it for pennies though, I'd rather keep it. It's too beautiful to let go for pennies. I think I will try to sell some of my purses after the holidays.:yes: Buy now, think later!:upsidedown: