Can I Still Get One ?

  1. Hi, Im in need of a panda cles and Im not paying double on eBay so are there any left in the UK and will they get one for me. I recently asked my SA about one and he didnt have a clue to what one was and he didnt even know anything about it so I was like :sad: . Does anyone have any info on getting one here in the UK or any sites with one on ?
  2. Hmmm... I am not sure about the UK...

    but I called LV yet again yesterday afternoon and inquired about it... they took my name and number down, and 3 minutes later the LV Tampa Saks called me and said they had 2 left, they'd hold it for me, and she'd call me on Sunday to see if I still wanted it.

    Good luck trying to find one, Steve. ;)
  3. Yeh, I phoned London recently, and youshould be able to get one from Bond St or Sloane St. You'd need to ring just to check and make sure, o and be quick!! I got mine in Spain, so I know there is still some on the continent if you just happen to be passing :-P
  4. thanks guys and thanks Jm311, I hope I cant still get one, If I cant get one in the UK I might ask a family member who's going abroad to pick me one up. lol Jm311 show me pics of it lol